Greenwich LetterPress: We <3 You!!! A shopper's guide!

I found out about Greenwich letter press when I was looking for a funny card I wanted to send someone. I didn’t want anything too serious or long. I definitely wanted something different then the normal cards I have been mailing out.

(link to buy the card above is here: )

So I was randomly looking at my explorer’s page on instagram when I came across a card that I thought was super cute and decided to explore there instagram page and been an avid customer ever since. I thought to share some great items currently in stock on their online store:

Glowing Chard Green Hair Clip: I actually order this for myself because I enjoy things that look like fake food that is not food. For example this hair clip! Clip made by Centinelle

Link to buy is here:

They also sell these cute array of Peanut Pennants this is one is my favorite one of the bunch. Nothing is more inviting in an office or a room that anything Peanut related.

Link is here:

Otherland candles: I am quite the candle connoisseur and enjoy trying different brands and different scents. And this brands has a very unique array of scents.

Link to buy is here:

This pineapple is a LAMP! so cool that you can get a sense of summer all year round in your space. The LED light is included with the pineapple.

Link to buy is here:

KooKoo Kids Alarm clock: this kids alarms is super adorable and comes with tiny animals that you can switch the top with the different animals. Then with whatever animal you pick for the top it will sound 3 times in that animal noise when you set the alarm.

Link is here to buy:

Honestly anything from this amazing store is a winner. From there amazing selection of cards to their quirky stickers and beautiful stationary.

Link is here to shop online.

All orders over $50 dollars get free US shipping!!!

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