Some National Film Registry Movie Faves!

The library of congress announced the next round of 25 films that will be added to their preservation list that were deemed important to conserve and preserve that is part of the American film culture. The National Film Preservation Act of 1988 was passed to value and celebrate a list of American films and documentaries that represent the American culture. The video above is a highlight of some of the films and documentaries that made the 2022 list.

There are roughly about 500 films that are on this list but I will briefly talk about ten movies below (although I love most of the movies on this list!!):

A nightmare on Elm Street (1984). Inducted on to the Film Registry list in 2021.

A Nightmare on Elm Street directed by Wes Craven. Of course I would start this list off with a horror movie about a guy who haunts teenagers to death in their dreams. Ever since I could remember and retain any memory of a movie. Freddy was one of those first horror icons that was part of my mind.

Rebel without a Cause (1955): Inducted onto the Film Registry list in 1990:

Directed by Nicholas Ray- The first time I saw Rebel without a Cause was in my senior year of high school and I had to do a US history assignment about a culture pop figure in American. I chose James Dean but realized I only read books about him up to that point and never seen any of the movies he starred in. So my first choice to check out from the library was this movie and was amazed by Dean grace and open vulnerability of how hard it is to not only be a new kid in town. But also been a new teenager in town wanting to fit in with other teens.

Scarface (1983) Inducted onto the Film Registry list in 1994:

Scarface (1983) directed by Brian De Palma: this epic movie has so many good lines and the first time I watch it was on a random Sunday on tv but I am pretty sure that edited a lot of parts out for the programming. I didn’t actually watch the entire unedited version until five years ago and felt like I was able to fully understand and enjoy the movie.

The Story of Menstruation (1946): Inducted onto the Film Registry list in 2015:

In 1946 when Walt Disney Productions was making school movies about certain topics that pre-teens growing up needed to know about their growing and changing bodies.

Pink Flamingoes (1972) Inducted onto the National Film Registry in 2021 and Hairspray (1988) inducted onto the Film Registry in 2022: I don’t think I have to explain the one: <3!!!!!!!!

Grey Gardens (1976) Inducted onto the Film Registry in 2010. Salesman (1968) Inducted onto the Film Registry in 1992:

Grey Gardens and Salesman is both directed by the Maysles Brothers. I went through a Grey Gardens phase during my University years and just absorbed Grey Gardens and Salesman.

What’s Opera Doc? (1957) Inducted onto the Film Registry in 1992:

This is the first opera I saw growing up. 🙂

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Inducted onto the Film Registry in 2014:

Rosemary’s Baby (directed by Roman Polanski) is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors: Ira Levin. I first discovered the book about 15 years ago and remember that there was a movie but I have only seen bits and pieces of it. So I made a promise to myself to read the book first and then watch the movie to see they differ from each other. However I loved the book so much that I read it two more times before watching the movie. So I was a little hesitant in watching it and I gave myself a bit of a grace period from the last time I read the book to watch the movie. However I forgot and watched it almost a full year later on Christmas Day and I LOVE IT!!!

I could keep going on and on about this list and the movies that are on it. I made do a part two in the near future. But for now here is the list of the complete list of movies that are on it:

And if you would like more information about this. Refer to the link below:

What movies were you surpise that was part of the list?

What movies would you like to see on the list? Why?

Comment below!!!!!

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