New update to the Lady.cult blog!

Hello readers of the blog!

For the past 8 years of having this blog. I wanted to create a cultural space where I share my feelings, and things that interested me and also interviewing others. However the interview portion recently have taken a bit of a toll for me. I am currently going to law school and between working 40 hours a week, school, and doing my own writing. The interview portion of my blog has lately been becoming a chore rather than an enjoyment. The demands from that section have ranged from constant emails or messages asking for constant edits to being extremely unhappy with not having a quick turnaround releasing the interview right when it is submitted to me.

Instead of getting rid of that portion of the blog. I decided to take a step back which includes a submission process. I will have up to two interviews posted on my blog per month.

If you are interested in wanting to be interviewed for the blog. You must email me at

Write a short synopsis of who you are and why you want to be interviewed.

If you are chosen there will be a 50 dollar fee ( accept apple pay and PayPal only! )

And I’ll email you the questions along with any other information you will need.

Please feel free to comment below with any other questions regarding this change to my blog.

Thank you all for your support!!!



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