Halfway point… this is going by too quickly!

I’m in my second semester of school and I am already halfway done. To say it’s been a new experience in learning is an understatement. But I am learning so much that I don’t mind less sleep and motivation to do little else. I will continue to write a blog or two weekly depending on if I find a subject that interests me. I have started a true crime audio book club and am excited to start on that journey. Right now I am looking forward to sleep and perhaps watching a movie or two this week. Does anyone have any recommendations?

One thought on “Halfway point… this is going by too quickly!

  1. One film I would recommend (that I’m doing an article on this week) is An Angel at My Table – one of Jane Campion’s earlier movies. Really enjoyed it. Give it a watch if you haven’t seen it already. -Tony @ GM –


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