Books that are on my spring list!

Spring is near, and so is the end of my classes. So I have a bit of a break until my following two types and would like to finish some reading. I often read for enjoyment, but life happens, and my pile of to-read books gets more prominent daily. So here are five books that I am planning to read this spring:

But have you Read the Book? by Kristen Lopez. Lopez discusses 52 books that were adapted for film. The movies ranged from Clueless to One’s Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I am interested in reading why she picked these and how well the book was adapted for the screen.

The Link to buy is here:

American Mother: The True Story of a Troubled Family, Motherhood, and the Cyanide Poisonings that Shook the World. This book was selected as part of my True Crime book club. I am an avid reader of this genre and was excited to be part of this book club. This is our first book club selection, which is a strong one! I started the audiobook version of this and planned to finish it by the end of March.

The Link to buy is here:

The Ghost Club by Kate Winkler Dawson Did you know that Arthur Conan Doyle and William Bulter Yeats would meet monthly in London to discuss ghosts? They formed a club called The Ghost club, founded by Harry Prince, a well-known ghost hunter.

The Link to buy is here:

Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan: A man from a tiny town in mid-1980s Ireland comes to terms with a challenging situation on Christmas that affects and rocks the small town he lives in. This book has Peyton Place town vibes, and I am here for it!!

The Link to buy Is here:

“Don’t Fall off The Mountain” by Shirley Maclaine: I was aware that actress Shirley Maclaine was a writer, but I was not aware of the number of books she has written over 50 years. So I decided, why not start reading her books in the spring? She is an exciting writer and is very immersed in knowledge about other forms of life.

The Link to buy is here:

What books are on your to-read list for the upcoming new season? Comment below!!!

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