NEW podcast listens!

I want to share some of my favorite podcasts this rainy Sunday. Some are series, while others are weekly podcasts. I decided to backtrack and listen to the first episode of the podcast.

Seven deadly sinners podcast by host Rachael O’Brien. This podcast is about the dark history of cult leaders and televangelists. This is a podcast I backtracked and started to listen to the first episode, and I have been totally absorbed with it ever since!

Instagram: @sevendeadlysinnerpodcast

Molly Lambert takes us on a deep dive into the world of Heidi Fleiss. I had the day off two weeks ago and listened to all the episodes in one day.

Christopher & Eric Podcast:: Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn are my new favorite people! This is another podcast I started at episode one. This is a weekly podcast that does not disappoint! They discuss actual crime shows; however, they explain the shows so much that you do not have to watch episodes beforehand, but they do such a good job that I end up watching the show anyways, so I see the sometimes bad reenactments on the shows. They share their opinions on them with a blend of humor, and they switch the episodes between discussions of true crime and excellent life advice shows.

The link for more information is here:

Finding Cleo is about a missing person hitchhiking home to Saskatchewan and has not been seen since the 1970s. Her family believes something horrible happened to her while trying to get back home. Host Connie Walker searches for answers for Cleo’s family in hopes of finally getting a response.

The link is here:

Host Reness Roberson discusses the missing people in the Carolinas. Every episode absorbs you into realizing that people go missing daily, leaving family and loved ones to what happened to them.

The link to listen is here:

What podcasts have you been listening to? Comment below to talk about it!

Until next time!!!

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