The wondrous world of MEGO toys

Started in 1954 The Mego Corporation was know as toys you could find at a dime store, fun and in expensive. Then in the 1970’s then made a huge shift into the world superheros and created a line called “World’s Greatest Superheroes”

c5d67daffafeff3743b4e716b40f1c82 During that same decade they made celebrity dolls and one of there most popular toy lines: Micronauts. Which were these amazing toys with interchange parts and magnetic joints!


Sadly the company went bankrupt in 1982 and by 1983 the brand cease to exist. Anything from this brand is highly sought after  and anything in mint condition and in a box is desirable collectible and could fetch up some major dough.

Here are some of my favorite toys and ads from this brand:

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Unsolved Mysteries Thursdays

I realized growing up I was not the kind of child that wanted to go outside and play. Sure there was the occasional summer nights where the kids in the neighborhood would set up a game of flashlight tag then I would totally be down to participate. But for the most part of was a TV child (kinda like the Mike Teevee character from Willy Wonka minus the cowboy hat and plastic toy guns… *bang*bang*.)


I watched A LOT of TV when I was little.  Although I was never really snobby or had a high palette for what I watched. However it did take a lot for me to be dedicated in returning back to a show every time a new episode came on. One of those shows that made the list was this one:


What first caught my attention of the show was the haunting theme show and then a booming voice from this guy saying: “TONIGHT…..”


The magical and often expressionless actor was Robert Stack. He was one of those few actors that you are able to identified just by his voice. On the show he would always appear out of billowy corridors in old looking mansions or  out of empty alley ways in the middle of the night always looking like a 1950’s gum shoe detective. He was our narrator that guide us through the hour long show. I kind of related him to a TV father figure of sorts. He would set up the viewer and tell them in a very stern direct way about the real events that were about to be depicted on the screen. He never sugar coated  the facts he knew nor did he joked about what you were about to see.

This show was very addicting and I would be there front and center to watch it every Thursday night at eight on NBC for years. The missing persons, ghosts that haunted houses nor the near life death episodes did not scared me that would always leave me curious as to what happen but I would give a sigh of relief when I sometimes hear Stack say: “UPDATE!” and would continue to say that the last thing we watched was solved! However their was one set of episodes that would scare me….:

FullSizeRender (36)

The fact that there was something on an other planet(s) that was not human and that was abducting people at random and doing weird things to them was the scariest thing ever to me! Although looking at those episodes now the aliens looked kinda of funny and the people that were involved were really not believable but to a eight year old hearing those stories would keep me out at night. Even to the point where I would look out of my window for a year into the night sky and see if there was any UFOs out there looking for human beings to conduct their experiments on. After the show ended it’s run on NBC, I felt a little heart broken because it left a void in my TV watching and whenever I watch TV  I always try to find shows like it or reruns.

Until next time!