Five books I want to read!

Hello I thought I would do this post a little differently and pick five reads I have on my wish list or in my to read pile!:

  1. california-infernal-bookA very odd pairing but Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey met in 1966 and created a friendship perhaps this book gives us a better understanding of their bond.
  2. $_32 Frances Glessner Lee is often referred to as the “mother of forensic science” because between 1940-1950 she constructed these dollhouse dioramas of actual crime scenes to teach budding crime scene investigations.
  3. paperbacks-from-hell– A fantastic resource of everything about horror paperbacks of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Plus it has  a lot of visual of the awesome cover art!
  4.   butchering-art-lindsey-fitzharrisI have always been curious about the Victorian era and how medical procedures where doing during that era. During this era, doctors were notorious for digging up cadavers for studying and practicing procedures to then use on the living!
  5. apparitionists (1) William Mumler was a photographer who claim to be able to capture spirits and ghost in photographs. I am interested in learning how he more about how he came up with this and who he was able to fool.

Top five reads for September!

Hello all here are my top five picks for September! (ps: near the end of the month I will make a separate list for Banned Books Weeks. One of my favorite weeks EVER!)


  1. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice ( 1976)- I first read this book when I was in third grade after the movie with the same title came out. Needless to say I had a huge obsession with Vampires. I like to revisit Rice’s vampire Chronicles every couple of years or so. The romance of her words mixed in with the Gothic theme is a great read for this month.interview vampire 1977
  2.   The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells (1896)- Edward Prendick gets shipwreck and maroon on an island that happens to be inhabited by half man/ half beasts run by the evil  but cunning Dr. Moreau.moreau12
  3. Cujo by Stephen King (1981)- after I finished reading the book about the history of rabies this book popped up on my mind to read next. A sweet dog is transformed into a savage killer when it gets bitten by a rabid bat and turns against his family,940451
  4. The Notebooks by Jean-Michel Basquiat  Edited Larry Warsh (2015)-  Jean- Michel Basquiat is one of my favorite artists. This book has a journal cover to replicate Basquiat’s actual notebooks and is jammed packed with his writings, thoughts, and of course drawings, and resurrects the life of this genius troubled artist.61jy62nqOSL
  5. We Have always lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackon (1962)- this was Shirley Jackson’s last novel before her death in 1965. It centers around eighteen year old Mary Katherine Blackwood, her sister, and their uncle that live in an estate in Vermont. A tragic event happen six years prior from when we meet the central characters which cause the Blackwood family to be isolated from the rest of the residents of the town as well the the town’s endless gossip. 15731262



Until next time!

Book Worm

Hello here are my five must reads for the month of May!


  1. During the year 1968 five groundbreaking movies were in a competition for Best Picture. Although this is a very thick book I couldn’t put it down!25_kubrick_archives_fp_gb_3d_44804_1503121754_id_907654
  2. This stunning book is chalkful of pictures of the director movies and information on how the movies were made.1200
  3. John Water’s 2015 commencement speech to the graduating class of  Rhode Island’s  School of Design. He give some great advice on how to make trouble!Looking-For-Mister-Goodbar
  4. Based on  the brutal murder of Roseann Quinn. “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”s author Patricia Quinn was not planning to write this novel however a rejection from Esquire Magazine on this subject propel her to write it.purple
  5. One of my more recent reads from the frequently challenged Banned Book list. I can understand why this book was part of the list. However it is beautifully written and definitely worth reading . Alice Walker actually won the Pulitzer Prize for writing this novel in 1963