Five books I want to read!

Hello I thought I would do this post a little differently and pick five reads I have on my wish list or in my to read pile!:

  1. california-infernal-bookA very odd pairing but Jayne Mansfield and Anton LaVey met in 1966 and created a friendship perhaps this book gives us a better understanding of their bond.
  2. $_32 Frances Glessner Lee is often referred to as the “mother of forensic science” because between 1940-1950 she constructed these dollhouse dioramas of actual crime scenes to teach budding crime scene investigations.
  3. paperbacks-from-hell– A fantastic resource of everything about horror paperbacks of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Plus it has  a lot of visual of the awesome cover art!
  4.   butchering-art-lindsey-fitzharrisI have always been curious about the Victorian era and how medical procedures where doing during that era. During this era, doctors were notorious for digging up cadavers for studying and practicing procedures to then use on the living!
  5. apparitionists (1) William Mumler was a photographer who claim to be able to capture spirits and ghost in photographs. I am interested in learning how he more about how he came up with this and who he was able to fool.