Lady. Cult’s Guide to the CC sale!


On July 5th Barnes & Noble started their Criterion Collection 50% off sale! Here is my ten top of movies to check out. I tried to pick out ones that I do not constantly recommend in order to spice things up!

In random order:


This  was a blind buy for me I have seen other movies of Paul Bartel that is either he directed (Death Race 2000) or was in (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School) but some how this past my radar until the Criterion Collection released it.


This movie is more than just horror, it mixes drama and mystery  in it as well. There were moments in this movie where I truly hated some of the main characters. I knew that if a movie stirs up some kind of emotion in me then it is worth having in my collection. It also doesn’t hurt that the spine number of this movie is #666!


The space scenery in this movie is a pure delight! It is one of those movies that pops with color and have a monkey as a main actor. Plus Adam West has a short cameo in it!




I got this movie because I have a huge crush on a young Martin Sheen. Aside from that fact  when I finally sat down to watch this I was more amazed by the use of voice over and the great acting chemistry between Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.


Catherine Deneuve stars as a unsatisfied housewife in the mornings and a happy hooker in the afternoons. I enjoy this movie a lot because of it great blend of fantasy and reality in the plot.


I have a huge fascinated with Pier Paolo Pasolini, up until the re release of this movie I had watched all of his films, read all of this books, poetry and read his biographies. So I was not as turned off or grossed out in watching it. Yes it is a hard movie to get into and it was actually going to be a three part trilogy (much like Pasolini’s Trilogy of life movies) but he was killed and that never came to pass.


I have always compared Pedro Almodovar as a sultry verison of John Waters. The dialogue in Almodovar movies remind me of the Spanish soap operas that my Aunts and cousins would watch when I was little. Almodovar is one of my favorite directors and he is one of the few directors that when a new movie of his comes out I will automatically go see it.


This has always been one of my go to movies when I have no idea what to watch.

Random fact: Oliver Reed was arrest during the filming of this movie when he made a bet with someone that he could walk in the cold Canadian winter from one bar to another butt naked.


This movie has extreme dark under tones that mixes horror with a side of comedy! Lou Castel stars in this little well know but amazing Italian film.



This was Malcolm McDowell first starring role and he completely delivers as a student at a boarding school that decides to rebel against the school. It is truly worth a watch.


Movies on my Criterion Collection Sale Wants list:

Fantastic Planet

Dr. Strangelove

Carnival of Souls

The In-Laws

Easy Rider

The Kid

Burroughs: The Movie

The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates



Until Next Time!


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