It’s great memories Charlie Brown..

Every year since I could remember I knew when I saw either a print ad or a tv commercial for “It’s the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” I knew Halloween was around the corner.  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday so anything that mixed cartoons and that holiday was high on my list.  

 I remember that  the one character I related to most in the movie was Linus: 

I think it was because in the circle of kids he was with hanging out with he was the one with the most imagination. He was the one in the group that kind of went against the grain.  He taught me to believe in your ideas regardless if no one believes you. If you are positive enough and are hell bent in making them true regardless how crazy or weird they may be if they make you happy then that’s all it matters.   
I always have a special place in my heart for the Peanuts gang. 

This was the first movie I ever saw from them. And it stucked in mind so much that when I wanted a dog and knew it had to be a beagle and of course I named him Snoopy. Much like Charlie Brown Snoopy was my best friend too. Because he stucked by me whenever I needed him.


Some people say the childhood is just a bunch of fond memories that we looked back as we grow up. They are filled with either good and bad memories. However I feel so privilege to include this movie as part of a good memory for me.   

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