Blue Verbot….


Hello all! Ro-Bert M. Verbot reporting and today I would like to talk about a movie I just watched called “Blue Velvet.” I consider this movie to be a modern day film Noir with very dark undertones of horror.


“Blue Velvet” came out in 1986 and was directed by David Lynch. This was David Lynch’s third movie he made. This film has a stellar cast in it! Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini and Dean Stockwell to named a few. David Lynch tends to create a whole different worlds in his movies and you tend to become a voyeur instead of just a movie watcher. Blue Velvet is no exception to this; in the beginning of this movie you think you are about to watch something very wholesome like “Leave it to Beaver” but the more you watch it becomes more like “The Twilight Zone.”


The idea of Blue Velvet came about from three combined ideas in the early 1970’s from Lynch. The first thought was the title of the movie and was the tone should be. The second thought was the random ear lying in the field and the final idea was the song that Bobby Vinton covered called “Blue Velvet.” The song was the catalyst of figuring out the time frame of when the movie took place.

Blue Velvet is one of Clarissa’s favorite movie soundtracks (on vinyl of course!) and was one of the first soundtracks she ever got. It has a lot of songs great songs and it was her first introduction to Roy Orbison. Which is one of her favorite singers.

I would always hear this soundtrack played constantly and  it is now completely ingrained in my Verbot’s memory board. It was said the during the filming of this movie Lynch would set up speakers on set and constantly play  Shostakovich to convey the mood he wanted for the film. He wanted the actors to completely become immersed in their roles and in the time frame.


I really enjoyed this movie and I can see why this is one this is one of Clarissa’s favorite movie. Any movie that you are able to fully escape in is the best kind of movie to watch. Blue Velvet was also the inspiration behind Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Which is one of my favorite shows EVER!

Well I am off to go watch Blue Velvet again. This is Ro-bert M. Verbot signing off!







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