Blue Verbot….


Hello all! Ro-Bert M. Verbot reporting and today I would like to talk about a movie I just watched called “Blue Velvet.” I consider this movie to be a modern day film Noir with very dark undertones of horror.


“Blue Velvet” came out in 1986 and was directed by David Lynch. This was David Lynch’s third movie he made. This film has a stellar cast in it! Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rossellini and Dean Stockwell to named a few. David Lynch tends to create a whole different worlds in his movies and you tend to become a voyeur instead of just a movie watcher. Blue Velvet is no exception to this; in the beginning of this movie you think you are about to watch something very wholesome like “Leave it to Beaver” but the more you watch it becomes more like “The Twilight Zone.”


The idea of Blue Velvet came about from three combined ideas in the early 1970’s from Lynch. The first thought was the title of the movie and was the tone should be. The second thought was the random ear lying in the field and the final idea was the song that Bobby Vinton covered called “Blue Velvet.” The song was the catalyst of figuring out the time frame of when the movie took place.

Blue Velvet is one of Clarissa’s favorite movie soundtracks (on vinyl of course!) and was one of the first soundtracks she ever got. It has a lot of songs great songs and it was her first introduction to Roy Orbison. Which is one of her favorite singers.

I would always hear this soundtrack played constantly and  it is now completely ingrained in my Verbot’s memory board. It was said the during the filming of this movie Lynch would set up speakers on set and constantly play  Shostakovich to convey the mood he wanted for the film. He wanted the actors to completely become immersed in their roles and in the time frame.


I really enjoyed this movie and I can see why this is one this is one of Clarissa’s favorite movie. Any movie that you are able to fully escape in is the best kind of movie to watch. Blue Velvet was also the inspiration behind Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Which is one of my favorite shows EVER!

Well I am off to go watch Blue Velvet again. This is Ro-bert M. Verbot signing off!







Do you like Records?

Collecting soundtracks did not become a thing with me until about three years ago. I had collected so much horror and cult movies items over the years like posters, movies, books etc. that for some reason soundtracks did not enter my world until I saw this movie:

FullSizeRender (9)

Videodrome was weird, it was scary but I thought it was a wonderful movie. After watching this film it made me an instant Cronenberg fan. However I asked my horror/cult movie loving friends about getting this soundtrack and they more or less told me that it was nearly impossible to track down the vinyl soundtrack . I made it a life mission to track this down; the images as well as the music in this movie is very haunting and I could not get it out of my mind. Howard Shore truly made a score that gave me chills in the best possible way imaginable.

I went to every record store within a reasonable driving distance almost every week for about eight months and no luck. Until by chance I stopped by on a whim after work to my favorite record store: Record and Tape Exchange in Virginia. As usual I headed towards soundtrack section and no luck that had more copies of Barbara Streisand movies that I have ever seen in my life! Then I decided to look at the laserdisc section to shake off the Streisand vibes of the soundtrack section and that is where I SAW IT!…for $15 dollars. Both vinyl and sleeve was in EX shape that I thought I was dreaming! It was one of my best purchases ever!

That soundtrack was the starting board of me wanting to get more horror movie/cult soundtracks:

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (5)

I started compulsively going to local record stores afterwards. Websites like Ebay and Discogs became my best friends.  Even because a better acquaintance to me after I started purchasing vinyl. I had friends through social media help me a lot too, keeping an extra eye out for me or letting me know if any came on sale on the internet of the soundtracks I was looking for and could not find locally or at all. The condition of the sleeve and the grading of the vinyl become a top priority in my purchasing choices in terms of my horror/cult movie selection.

I made a wish list of the top soundtracks I really wanted and it felt like an achievement once I found it and had it in my hands. Every time I did a mental check off that list I gave myself a mental high five in return.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (8)

I kind of prefer the older pressings rather than the new pressings that have recently come out unless if that particular soundtrack never had another pressing.

Although I am a huge fan of Waxwords records, deathwaltz records, Poisoned Mind Records and other indie record labels. I think it is amazing what they are doing; the cover art and work they put into making these are spectacular.



I do not have a favorite in my vinyl soundtrack in my collection because each one has a different story and reason as to why I have it. I just know that I having these soundtracks make me appreciate the horror and cult movie genre even more.



Until Next time!!