Toy wish list

Here are my top five toy wish list items!  

In no particular order: 


Micronauts -biotron (1976) it is one of the biggest micronaut and like many of the toys from this line it has interchangeable parts.  


ShogunWarriors (Mattel) jumbo machinder- Raydeen – who doesn’t want an awesome transformable toy?  


Omnibot 2000- this super cute robot can carry light objects and be the center of attendtion. Plus anything in robot form  is a must for me!  


 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons-Tiamat. This is the rarest from this line. Who doesn’t want a toy with five heads and claw grabbing action?


Masters of the Universe- Moss Man- I am slowly collecting all of the MOTU action figures. But he is one the top of my list. 

3 thoughts on “Toy wish list

    1. Nothing happen I just disable for the time being. Just trying to focus on same personal things at the moment. I’ll be back (terminator style! Lol). Thanks for reaching out to me. It means the world to me:)


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