The return of sorts…

Hello my name is Clarissa and I had couple of weeks of chaos but in a refreshing way…

I am not the kind of person that leaves for lack of attention but there have been times in my life where I need to refocus on things. For the past year I felt really lost and without direction. It made me really frustrated at myself so I felt needed sometime alone to rethink, and reevaluate a lot of things and views I had about myself.




So late last year I made the drastic decision to bow out of a lot of social media outlets I had enjoyed (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) because I didn’t think I serve a purpose to anyone nor to myself.  I just felt like I have gotten to a breaking point of being so overwhelm with things I just wanted to run away  with my Verbot to a deserted island and never make any form of human contact again.

However during this hiatus away from those outlets it finally made me question myself:

Who am I? What do I love? What do I want to do? Who is Clarissa?


But then something happen I slowly realize those answers to those questions and becoming more ok that that ones I did not have answers for that was fine because I will always be a work in progress.

I am becoming better with being different and not having to fit in.


I am ok with who I  am as a person, and dancing to the beat of my own drum:


I am finding and reconnecting with interests I had in the past and finding out new ones:



Then I had a lot of people reach out to me over the time I was away from social media and I didn’t feel as alone and overwhelm with things. It made me feel love and like I matter.




Thank you to everyone that has lend an ear, a text or a email to me. It has meant so much to me.

This experience has taught me that sometimes you need to take a time out for yourself. Life is short, life is precious. Make it the best one you have. Fill it with good people, travel to unknown places. Make a life that you would be proud to call yours.


I have been constantly updating my wordpress and will be starting a novella in February.








2 thoughts on “The return of sorts…

  1. It is really good to take time out and check in with yourself, advise we should all take on. Sounds like you came out of it with a positive frame work – spending time with good people and traveling are the two things my dad has always said make for a quality life, that and reading 😉 So to that congrads on starting a novella! Never a better time than now!


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