A lady/retro ig: 1 lady 2 accounts

Some people have been asking me: “Clarissa I know you have the lady.cult ig but are you also the retro.cult ig ? ”


Why yes I am!

Why do I have two accounts you ask? (or I know I shouldn’t assume but if you are curious then… hold on to your monocles:D! )

My retro.cult first started as the name vintage horror ads because I was posting newspaper clippings of horror movie ads but then I realized my love for vintage everything didn’t just stop at old newspapers clippings. There were a lot of things and memories that kept popping in my head that I wanted to post but didn’t want to overload my other ig account. Thus the two accounts.

Lady.cult (more of my personality ig)

Retro.cult ( my childhood memories or nostalgic things from the past)

Although sometimes Ro-Bert M. Verbot is forced to post sometimes

Thank you for following my accounts if you do!

This is Clarissa over and out!

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