Reading Rainbow: Lady.Cult style!

I decided to start a new section in my wordpress on books. I am obsessed with reading and most of the time if I find a good book to read I tend to book binge and read for hours!  So every couple of weeks I will list five books that I have read or is in my pile to read that are lady.cult worthy.


  1. valley-of-the-dolls-2Tawdry and classy! I remember walking into Urban Outfitters and this book was on sale for $3! So I decided to give it a try and this book did not disappoint!
  2. cuoc-doi-bi-kich-cua-dien-vien-phim-18-dau-tien-tren-the-gioi Linda Lovelace side of her story about her raise and fall of frame that surrounded her must famous role in “Deep Throat.”
  3. stepford Have a sneaking suspicion that your neighbor is a robot? Well this book will only confirm your fears!
  4. VJ-cover.jpgThe early raise of MTV from the first round of VJ. It was quite interesting to hear some of the backstories of how MTV picked the first set.
  5. 9781900486880-bleeding-skull_600 My go to resource of anything related to trashy-horror in the 1980’s!

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