Artist’s Spotlight: Blairmonster

Today’s artist’s spotlight is on artist Blair! She does amazing hand-sewn horror arts. She has an Esty’s store: but that is currently on vacation mode because she is gearing up for an appearance at the Women in Horror Film Fest in Atlanta on September 21-24, 2017. So if you are in the area buy tickets for it and stop by her area to buy her incredible works of art! Her art caught my eye because of the bold color contrasts and beautiful stitching! For inquiries on her pieces please contact her via IG: blairmonster check out some of her works below!

Until next time!

One thought on “Artist’s Spotlight: Blairmonster

  1. I’ve heard of Blairmonster through the Say You Love Satan Podcast crew but obviously, being a podcast there wasn’t a visual to accompany their description of her work, it’s so cool! Beautiful and yes I love the bold contrast too.


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