Night Flight Subscription Giveaway

Hello Everyone! As you know Night Flight is one of my FAVORITE channels to watch So I have teamed up with Night Flight Plus to do a ONE subscription giveaway! I am so excited that someone has the chance to watch some awesome content!!!



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5. DM me on @lady.cult  ONE screen shot of the newsletter subscription confirmation so I know your entry is VAILD!!!


– I will pick a winner on December 7, 2019 by 6pm EST!!!



I would like to thank Night Flight  for this opportunity and their endless support!!!

Good LUCK!!!!

Lady.Cult’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2019!

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Lady.cult Holiday Gift Guide 2019! All of these items are from small and amazing businesses. So please check out there social media accounts and items that they made or curated



Misterbnation makes some pretty awesome things such as this fun pin. I am such a fan of Divine and John Waters and I know a lot of other people are too. So for that special someone or that person that has a scrooge mindset during the holiday season then this pin is a definite must!

Link to buy is below:




Souvenir Jewelry        has amazing jewelry and I am a fan of any kind of jewelry that is unique fun and long lasting. So when they recently made a collection called “Smell the Magic”  and I saw these earrings I knew I had to add these to the holiday gift guide!



Link to buy is below:


Spoiled Rotten Fly Stud Earrings



House of Mysterious Secrets    sells some pretty awesome stuff and if you are ever in a tight spot in buying a little gift for someone then may I suggest these horror air fresheners?


It is a unique gift and I am pretty sure that it is something they don’t have.


Link to buy is below:

Air Freshener


Kitschculturecanada  makes very special items. They have such a fun and creative way of mixing the TV shows I used watch growing up with items for your home. So when I was browsing through their site recently and came across this spectacular Golden Girls Christmas tree topper my jaw literally dropped!


Link to buy is below:

Golden Girls Christmas Tree Topper

It is no surprise or hidden secret that I love horror movies. I also have a soft spot for Christmas horror movies. So when Cavity Colors did a recent release of a sweater of the movie Silent Night, Deadly Night. I immediately pre-order it. I made it even more festive by picking out the forest green color.


Link to buy is below:

Silent Night, Deadly Night Sweater


Billy Lilly Universe is an amazing duo that creates some great art. They even make art you can wear like this Gizmo riding a convertible t- shirt:


Link is below to buy:

Gizmo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

PGBloodhouse runs a bookstore on Esty and has the most interesting assortment of books. As a book lover I have been a frequent buyer from his bookstore. So if you have the book lover on your list why not grab from the shop. I am pretty sure you spend time just browsing through the site looking through some interesting titles!


Link to the bookstore is below:

PG BloodHouse


Recently I came across a site called Always Fits where they sell really cute and kitsh items like The Golden Girls Hot Sauces and a stick of butter Ornament. They don’t sell clothing or something that requires needing to  get an actual size of what a person wears. Hence the name “Always Fits.” A lot of things on their site caught my attention and I thought were pretty cool like this Bob Ross Self Painting Color Changing Mug:

bob_ross_mug (1)

Link to buy is below:

Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Mug


Martin Ontiveros is an amazing artist who creates badass art. His art is colorful and strong. His store also has the option of getting his art in prints like this one below:


Link to buy is below:


Happy Shopping everyone! what is on your shopping list?


Until next time!





Top 5 must buy during the CC Barnes& Noble sale: Fall 2018

Hello Friends!

Long time no write! I just need to take a personal writing break due to many personal events that took place in October. But I am back just in time to write about Barnes and Nobles Criterion Collection 50% off sale!!! I know that these sales might be overwhelming and often are left wondering how to choose over 700 titles that ones you want to add to your movie collection. So I offer some titles you may not think of right away or want to stray off your normal movie buying routine….

Here in no particular order…


The Princess Bride (number #948) Directed by Rob Reiner 1987)- I remember the first time I watch this was on cable TV when I was eight years old and it started my fascination of Andre the Giant. It also spark my fantasy of having a grandparent who would stay with me when  I was sick and tell me fairy tales.


Shampoo (number #947) Directed by Hal Ashby 1975)- Hal Ashby is one of my favorite directors. I always felt he was able to successfully capture these off beat random characters of people and show them with such heart on the screen. Shampoo is a mixture of kind a mockumentary and dark comedy rolled into one movie.


And the ship Sails on (#50 directed by Federico Fellini 1984) this is one of my favorite Fellini movies. The first ten minutes of this movie is in black and white and totally silent perhaps as a homage to silent film. Like all of  Felllini’s movies it offer it’s array of usual characters and I feel like they draw in your attention so much that you feel like you are part of the movie.


Some like it Hot (# 950 directed by Billy Wilder 1959) (Release date is 11/6/2018) I remember that this was the first movie I watched on Turner Classic Movie channel and it was so funny! And I have been an avid fan of Billy Wilder ever since and this is one of his movies that every time I have watched I noticed something new. So when the Criterion Collection announced that this movie was going to be part of their collection I was so excited to pre- ordered it.


Bigger than Life (#507 directed by Nicholas Ray 1956) One of my favorite actors is James Mason and he is fantastic in this movie. This movie kind of stood out in the 1950’s because it dealt with James Mason playing a teacher who deals with prescription drug problem.


The sale will last until December 3rd so you have a couple of weeks to figure out what you might want go with or indulge because this sale happens here maybe up to 4 times a year?

Happy shopping!!!!

Until next time!!!


A quick guide to the CC flash Sale!

Hello! The criterion Collection is once again offering 50% off all of the current CC’s for the next 24 hours! So if you are unsure of what to put in your cart or am looking for some different from your regular normal purchases. Here is my quick guide to my top five picks!  Please note I am try not to do repeating titles from past articles I have posted~! Here is my top five must grabs during the sale:


  1. 6_BD_box_348x490_original  Beauty and the Beast directed by Jean Cocteau (1946)- I know there is countless variations of this fairy tale classic but I enjoy this version a bit more due to this darker undertones.
  2. 29_DF_box_348x490_original  Picnic at Hanging Rock directed by Peter Weir (1975)-this is the kind of movie kind lingers in your movie. A true mix of mystery, drama that centers around a group of girls that go out on a field trip on Valentine’s  day and never ever made it back.
  3. 396_DF_box_348x490_original Ace in the Hold directed by Billy Wilder (1951)- Kirk Douglas is a conniving newspaper reporter that has done and will continue to do anything humanly possible to get his story. But has he gone to far this time?
  4. 421_pierre_original Pierrot le Fou directed by Jean-Luc Godard (1965) this movie is a mixture of themes. A bit of drama, comedy and mystery rolled into a six year road trip starring one of my favorite actors Jean-Paul Belmondo and also starring Anna Karina.
  5. 838_BD_box_348x490_original Pan’s Labyrinth directed by Guillermo del Toro (2006)- this was the first movie I saw by Guillermo Del Toro in the theaters. It was such a magical moment to see such a dark fairy tale unfold on screen. This movie also taught me that even adults should never ever loose their childhood imagination.


Happy shopping! Comment below and let me know what everyone ended up getting from the sale!

Until next time!

Artist’s Spotlight: Blairmonster

Today’s artist’s spotlight is on artist Blair! She does amazing hand-sewn horror arts. She has an Esty’s store: but that is currently on vacation mode because she is gearing up for an appearance at the Women in Horror Film Fest in Atlanta on September 21-24, 2017. So if you are in the area buy tickets for it and stop by her area to buy her incredible works of art! Her art caught my eye because of the bold color contrasts and beautiful stitching! For inquiries on her pieces please contact her via IG: blairmonster check out some of her works below!

Until next time!

Movie of the Day: Mermaids

Today’s movie of the day is Mermaids (1990) directed by Richard Benjamin and stars Bob Hopkins, Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci in her first staring role.

This cute comedy focuses on the Rachel Flax (Cher)  and her two little girls (Ricci and Ryder) and there eccentric family life in the early 1960’s.

The family tends to move around a lot due to Miss. Flax’s romatic flings. There latest place of residence is in Massachusetts and numerous life changing events happen to the girls which test the bonds of family.


This is super cute movie and each performance is strong in this. I highly recommend this movie if you are ever in the mood to have a good chuckle.


Until next time!

A cooking lesson from Dali….

A couple of months ago Taschen Books re released Salivador Dali’s Les diners de Galadali_diners_de_gala_va_gb_3d_sticker_04639_1611081821_id_1071839

Made in 1973 Dali dedicated this cookbook to his wife and muse Gala Dali ( The pair was known to have thrown the best dinner parties!). This book contains 136 recipes with such interesting names as “Conger of the rising Sun”, “Mexican Baby Turkeys” and “Father Hans Sauerkraut”


Their is even a chapter solely dedicated to aphrodisiacs (Chapter 10: Les “je mange GALA)


This is such an incredible book for both art lovers and cooking fiends. It is so visually stunning and every page offers some appealing both to the eye and the stomach.