Man of the Moment: Cookie Monster 

Cookie Monster you are this week’s man of the moment! 

Cookie Monster made his debut in 1969 and this googley eyed blue monster is know for hisappetite for everything cookie and cookie related! 

But honestly when he does get hungry he has no preference in what he eats and that can include fruits and vegetables to forks and spoons! 

In his spare time he has a lot of interests and hobbies ranging from singing disco songs and ballads about his beloved cookies to writing for late night comedy shows.  

He even likes to dabble in acting and has done various roles but the most memorable one for me was when he was the cloud in one of prairie dawn plays.  

Cookie Monster is a lover of the arts and even did a show called Monsterpiece Theater.  

He is one of my favorite characters and don’t let his name fool you he is so much more that just a monster who loves to eat cookies! That is why COOKIE MONSTER IS THE MAN OF THE MOMENT! 

2 thoughts on “Man of the Moment: Cookie Monster 

  1. Lol! I love your bio of Cookie Monster. I don’t remember Monsterpiece theatre but I have to find it! Cookie Monster was the best, I love his look in the smoking jacket. Didn’t know a lady monster made an appearance either ❤


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