Phantom of the Paradise

Today’s movie of the day is “Phantom of the Paradise” directed by Brian De Palma.  

Released on October 31, 1974 and stars Jessica Harper, Paul Williams, and William Finley.    

William Finley plays Winslow a composer who by luck catches the attention of a music producer named Swan. Swan feels that Winslow’s music is a perfect fit for his new concert hall: “the Paradise.” Swan holds auditions for a female singer and comes across a singer named Phoenix (played by Jessica Harper) which becomes both Winslow and Swan’s love interest.  

Swan steals Winslow’s music and when Winslow confronts him he is beaten up and thrown in jail on a framed drug deal.  

While in jail Winslow goes thru some mess up experiments like getting his teeth removed and metal teeth.  

Winslow gets word while in jail that one of Swan’s bands has a hit record that were Winslow’s compositions. This causes him to break out of jail and seek revenge at Death Records (Swan Record label).  

However Winslow’s revenge is short lived because he ends up disfigured and destroying his vocal chords. He is so distraught with his appearance that he turns into the Phantom.  


I don’t want to give too much away about this movie. Although what attracted me most to this movie was the amazing soundtrack! After you watch it the soundtrack lingers in your mind!  

I definitely recommend this movie! 

Until next time!

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