Top four Criterion wants!

Doing the in between periods of the criterion collection sale on Barnes and noble and the Criterion Collection website I start to make a mental list of all the Criterion Collection movies I want! So when the next sale is on I am already prepared! Here are some of my CC’s wants!


Night of the living dead (1968) directed by George A. Romero- fantastic horror movie and one of the first set of midnight movies! George A. Romero forever engrain the word Zombie in people’s mind in this black and white movie that was made for almost close to nothing!


Election directed by Alexander Payne (1999) – I remember having an adoration for the Sundance channel and I would constantly watch three movies from that channel over and over and over!One of those movies was Election. So dark and funny this movie always reminds you of the one person who was in your class that had to be the best of everything to the point of annoyance!


Age of Innocence- directed by Martin Scorsese (1993)- In the spirit of the grandeur style of lush decadence I feel like Scorsese was deeply inspired by Luchino Visconti (fun fact: one of my favorite directors!)films when he made Age of Innocence.


The Silence of the Lambs- directed by Jonathan Demme (1991)- I have the OOP of the Criterion Collection of this movie but I am so glad that this is being reissued with so many upgrades and art cover. This movie made such an impact when it was released and defined a kind of sophistication to the horror genre.

Until next time!