Premeditated Pre-ordering!

There is no sense hiding this personal fact about me but I love movies! I especially enjoy finding good horror gems in the pre-order section on Amazon. I go through the pages and pages of the pre-ordered titles  just to click on titles with interesting names, extremely frighting covers or movies that I forgotten that recently got transferred into a watchable format and decked out with extras!

Here are some examples of some pre-order titles that I have my eye on this month!

(In no particular order…..)


-Star Time (1992)- directed by Alexander Cassini and starring Michael St.Gerard, John P. Ryan and Maureen Teefy. It is about a man named Henry Pinkle who confuses the television world as real life and starts to become quite obsessive about it. When his absolute favorite show gets cancel it pushes Henry over board and tries to take his own life. However the bright lights of  Hollywood comes knocking to his door in form of a talent agent who promises Henry a life of stardom and well being. Instead Henry’s new outlook on life turns into horror, murder and mayhem!


-The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)- directed by Jim Wynorski and starring Dick Durock, Heather Locklear and Louis Jourdon. Along with the first movie installment of  Swamp Thing this movie was on a regular rotation at my house and remember it being on Cinemax a lot when  I came home from school. So when I noticed that MVD Rewind Collection was releasing this movie full of extras it became a no sweat decision of whether or not to order this!


-The Boneyard (1991) directed by James Cummins and starring Phyllis Diller and Norman Fell. It is about a physic and a detective who come across a really weird morgue that seems to hold a bunch of demons and children zombies!


-My Friend Dahmer (2017) directed by Marc Meyers and stars Ross Lynch, Anne Heche and Alex Wolff. Based on the comic book it centers about teenager Jeffery Dahmer (who became one of the most notorious serial killers in the USA) and the issues he would run into his everyday high school life.


-The Last House on the Left directed by Wes Craven and starring David Hess and Sandra Peabody. This was Wes Craven directorial debut and this movie cause such an uproar that it was banned in the UK numerous times and made onto the “Video Nasty” list. I am really glad this movie is getting a upgrade and getting the arrow video treatment.


Does anyone else have any titles  that they are excited to come out soon?

Until next time!

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