Artist’s Spotlight: Andrew Buck

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on Andrew Buck.

  1.  Describe your art atheistic:
     “I like to describe my art style as marker punk . I have no idea what I’m actually doing or any formal training but I just try to create something interesting with the skill I have. I use mostly sharpies in my art thus keeping it nice and cheap as well .
    Early on in my pursuit of art I would spend a lot of money on art supplies ( paints , expensive markers , etc) at some point I just completely abandoned that idea . I realized that it doesn’t really matter what you use to create . As long as the piece is interesting in the end , who cares how you got there.”
  2. How did you start your art business? ”
    ” I started by just posting to social media like crazy and hash tagging the hell out of everything. About 6 years ago I started teaching myself to draw all over again from scratch, completely changing my style . During that process I started posting the progress for a visual record . I slowly started getting contacted for commissions and it all started there. I opened a bigcartel shop to sell my personal work in as well.
    In 2017 I quit my full time job to focus on my art and creating comics . I’ve been self publishing a psychedelic occult superhero comic called Satani-Kill since late summer 2017 . 2 issues are available now with a third on the way in the next few weeks. Last fall also saw the release of a cover I did for fantagraphics all time comics Crime Destroyer  issue 2.”IMG_2310.jpg
  3. What is your favorite piece that you created and why? ” I think my favorite piece is a Ms.45 tribute I finished about a year ago . I’m a huge fan of B horror and exploitation cinema and the strange things that can happen in those movies . Honestly my dream job would be doing box art for vhs tapes , however I’m about 30 years late on that one.”IMG_2315 (1)
  4.  What are your influences and why?                                                                                  “As far as actually drawing my primary influences are Jack Kirby, Jim steranko, frank miller , Gilbert Hernandez and Alex Toth . Influences on my general aesthetic are much broader though , a lot of music and film . Bands like the stooges , suicide and the Ramones had a big impact . Short, simple , effective , attention grabbing and to the point . IMG_2303
    As I said before I really love movies too so there’s a considerable amount of film influence , especially in my comics . Primarily David Lynch , Kenneth anger and Jean Luc Goddard really effect the way I tell and think about stories . I also really love the way vintage low budget horror, sci-fi and exploitation.  IMG_2309Just kind of toss reality out of the window and are more concerned with showing you things you haven’t seen before , just completely unapologetic. I think there’s just too much pseudo realism and not enough imagination in modern fiction across all genres.”
  5.  Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?  ”

     “I’m still working on Satani-kill ! That will be a total of six issues so this month I’ll hit the halfway point on that series . After Satani-Kill I have another comic I’ll be self publishing called Lucifer’s Loving Light , a sci-fi occult space adventure. Something along the lines of Jack Kirby meets William s Burroughs . I also just finished a short story for Matt Kings tales to enlighten, that should be out later in the year . I can’t get specific yet but I designed a skateboard deck that should hit spring/summer ( very excited about that one , total childhood dream).”

For more information and/or to contact Andrew here is the following information:

Instagram @novotnykit
Tumblr @novotnykit
Facebook – Andrew Buck
Until next time!

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