Artist’s Spotlight: Sarah Crosley

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on Sarah Crosley:

1. What are you currently working on?                                                                                   “Currently, I am working on a stop motion animation short and a children’s book about collective nouns. I am always working on tattoos for clients and new paintings! “IMG_20170419_192340_343

2. Do you keep to one kind of art form or many?

“I choose many art forms. I tattoo, paint, animate and enjoy the differences between them all.”IMG_20160120_183323IMG_20150727_190321
3. What is your favorite art piece that you created so far?
” I have several favorites! This video I made with Justin Brown:
And my favorite painting is the first of the images: IMG_20170123_112051_633The painting was found at a vintage shop and I painted in the giant whale to match. I really enjoy challenges like this!”
4. Where do you find inspiration in order to create your art?                                                            ” I am inspired by extinct animals, movies, nature, art history and music!”IMG_20170117_143551_892IMG_20170804_204905_3935.Is there anything you are currently working on?
 “I recently created my website:  Sarah Crosley Art
and will show art at The Slingshot (Portland, OR.) in June. I also hope to finish the newest stop motion short in the coming months! I will post a link on my website to the short when it is finished. “
If you like to know more or contact Sarah, here contact information is:
IG: @Sarahcrosley

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