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  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
    “I’m an average and ordinary geek. I’ve only recently accepted the geek label. I’ve probably been one since I first saw Star Wars at age six. Of all my pop culture obsessions, Star Wars is perhaps the most lasting. Now that I think of it, all my current hobbies are the ones formed as a kid in the ‘80s. I love comic strips and cartoons. Being from Indiana, also home to Jim Davis, Garfield has been my biggest love. I also love comic books and art, mostly from the Bronze Age in which I grew up. Old arcade video games and home consoles are a big part of my interests as well. I’m quite the Atari fanboy. I love rock music, especially hard rock/heavy metal (aka hair metal). Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.29.35 PM
    By profession, I’m a website developer, designer, and jack-of-all-trades. Right out of college (25 years ago—gosh, I’m old) I started working for a home video/video game distributor. I worked in the home entertainment industry through a lot of interesting episodes—from the ubiquity of VHS to the emergence of DVD to Blu-ray’s sputtered start to the decline of physical media in favor of digital. It was this decline that lead to my dismissal in 2016.It was a fun run. I have a number of friends who still work there. I got to create two great websites during my time: VIDEOETA & Myvideostore

    Both were amazing experiences and top destinations at the time. I had the luxury of working with movies and video games on a daily basis. I’ve since made the transition to working for a medical research organization. It’s super-challenging but amazing to think I can have a tiny, tiny part in improving the health of people across the world.
    I consider myself a creative but never can find the time to explore that side of myself. Most of my creative energy is expended at work, I guess. I like to write and love to doodle cartoons and caricatures.image5 image6I was a cartoonist for my college newspaper. I have an awesome drawing table set up at home. It’s surrounded by lots of my collections. I really need to devote more time to creating stuff!”
  2. What are you top five favorite comic books and why?
    “I’m a Marvel fanboy, to the point of being biased against DC Comics for no good reason. It’s really weird being a comic book enthusiast but yet knowing very little about the DC side of things.
    My all-time favorite comic series is Marvel Team-Up.Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.23.21 PM I’ve been working to collect the entire run of those issues, filling in from the ones I still own from back in the day. I loved the one-off nature of MTU and its revolving guest stars. It’s cliche, but Amazing Spider-Man is another favorite. I fell in love with the character as a kid. Being a child of the ‘80s I’m legally required to mention X-Men. I am definitely one of those people who made Wolverine the biggest Marvel superhero for a time. John Byrne is one of my all-time favorite artists. Rounding out my favorite series would be G.I. Joe and Star Wars. I loved the ongoing stories from Larry Hama in G.I. Joe. As a Star Wars fan, how could you not enjoy the weirdness of those old comics?”
  3. What does a typical Tim weekend consist of?
    “There are typical Tim weekends and there are amazing Tim weekends. Typical weekends are ones were I’m doing boring work around the house. Amazing ones are when I can get away to flea markets, used book stores, antique markets, etc. to search for stuff. The thrill of the hunt is really where the fun lies. You never know what you’re going to find when you browse some of these places. They’re like treasure hunts. I take a lot of photographs and post the funniest or strangest stuff on Instagram.Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.28.21 PM Because of limited budget and space, I don’t buy much. I also have extremely precise collections so it’s hard to find new stuff.
    Weekends are also when I try catch up on reading and movie/TV-watching. I’ve become fascinated by weird, old movies. I love watching Svengoolie, the Chicago-based homage to all those Elvira-style horror/sci-fi movie showcases that used to be popular. Growing up in Indiana we had a similar type show hosted by a character named Sammy Terry. Svengoolie brings back a lot of great old memories. Plus, trashy movies are really fun. The art direction is often the best portion. Take a movie like Creature from the Black Lagoon, by today’s standards, the acting, script, and special effects aren’t rock solid but you can’t argue with the design of the creature.”

4. What is your favorite Star Wars movie and why?

“The Empire Strikes Back is absolutely my favorite movie. I loved the first one as a kid but ESB just hit me at the right time and with the right substance. As most agree, ESB is an amazing, well-told film but the Hoth portion of ESB left me in awe. That first act of the movie is perfection, in my opinion. It’s why I collect almost exclusively Hoth-themed items. I have a growing fleet of Snowspeeders, my all-time favorite SW vehicle. Plus I love snow in general.”Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.27.04 PM

5. I noticed you posted some KISS stuff. Who is your favorite member? What did you think of “KISS meets the Phantom” movie?

“I didn’t really become a KISS fan until I was a teen. Circa 1985, I transitioned away from Star Wars and comics and into rock music. I joined the KISS army (so to speak) during the non-makeup years but I’ve gone back and explored all the history. I’ve become a walking encyclopedia of KISS trivia. KISS in the ‘70s truly was a great mix of horror, superheroes, and music. How can you not love it?
I’ve always liked Paul Stanley the best. I believe he’s the most talented member. Hands down best songwriter and singer. I also enjoy the man he has become. From following him on Twitter and reading his autobiography, you can tell he’s shed his cocky attitudes and become a thoughtful family man. Ace Frehley is close second for favorite. The man is on the short list of legendary rock guitarists.
I didn’t really see “KISS meets the Phantom of the Park” until the late ‘80s. Yeah, it’s hokey but, as I mentioned, I’ve become a fan of cheesy cult films so I enjoy it!”
If you have any questions or would like to know more about Tim his contact info is
Thank you for the interview!

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