toys! toys!: A 4ever wishlist.

I haven’t updated this since 2017 and most of the toys I had on the previously list I was lucky enough to track down most of them.


-My Pet Monster-  In 1986 American Greetings introduced a stuffed plush that was blue, have fangs and orange cuffs. What could a kid ask for more?



-Castle Grayskull- who wouldn’t want a castle from Eternia? And the green facade with a skull face drawbridge is an extra plus! This structure is part of the Masters of the Universe toy line from Mattel. However I wish it was still the price listed below!


Battlecat- (Mattel 1984) this was originally a mold from a previous toy line from Mattel. They just basically slapped on a cool forest neon green color and gave him yellow stripes. Although is arms and legs are movable he does come with a saddle and helmet when HE-Man needs to ride into battle! battle-cat-mt


Dream Glow Barbie (1985) Also by Mattel this barbie had a dress with a star print THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! I remember one of my friends had this barbie and I would always go to her house to play with that barbie! She was one of toy wish list wants for years. She was so cool even her umbrella matched her gown and of course it also glowed in the dark! The commercial below would send any little girl to there parents demanding for this dolls for their birthday. I know I did!



INHUMANOIDS METLAR-  these massively cool 14 inch figures has some of there parts that also glow in the dark. I have Tendril but I still want to track down the rest of the pack. Also Metlar is the leader of this bad guy group and who wouldn’t want to get the leader of the pack? Back when they were first released in 1986 kids were too scare to buy these toys however when they grew up they must of release how awesome they are because finding one in the box will cost you! aa9a19a6f36d03b43561ee4e1f71244daa1_orig



Until next time!


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