The era of the 1-900 numbers!

Some time ago I posted on my Instagram feed a giphy of a 1-900-9099-CRY commercial and everyone kept asking me if it was real or not.


Well it is a real commercial and at one point a workable number! Back in the 80’s 1-900 numbers were massively popular. I remember that there was a number for almost anything that was popular! You could call Bill and Ted and talk about their excellent adventures or He-Man about the land of Enternia even Freddy Krueger had a 1-900 number! hqdefault

Yes the 1-900-9099-CRY commercial is a bit different and out of place for a regular infomercial. Mainly because the opening of the commercial you see a woman clutching to the phone bailing her eyes out with no explanation or reason until you hear a very monotone voice over was posing a question as to “why do people across America cry like this?” 1900-cry

Then the 1-900 number flashes on the screen while the voice over to “find out for yourself.”With the addition caveats of additional costs and exclusions.

Here is the full commercial below. Although watching there will be a two dollar charge for each additional viewing!

Has anyone called it? If so what did you hear? Sad stories or things that would potential make sob as much as that lady over the sink in the opening shot?


Until next time!

3 thoughts on “The era of the 1-900 numbers!

  1. I loved the horror cross-over numbers as a kid. There is something so magical about these, no matter how exploitative they were. It’s something that just can’t effectively exist nowadays. But back in the 1980’s, when we still had a sense of mystery? WHAT was making those people cry? We HAD to find out!


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