Late Night Thoughts..

( Writer’s note I am not a 100% if this will become a permanent section on my wordpress but whenever I get the urge to write regardless of the time frame in a day I write no matter what!)

Regardless if you are 14 or 60 feelings are still a very hard subject to understand. Sometimes it is easier to figure out to go about acquiring world peace rather than understanding how someone feels and how to love someone.

A lot of people feel like it is something that is naturally something that is built inside you like a organ or an arm.

Rather I feel like it is something  you learn from others around you. It is something that allows you to look at things with your heart in perspective. It allows you to grow, it opens your mind and thoughts to something you may not thought was possible. The important thing is to embrace it whenever it comes your way. Yes I know that there is heartbreak and heartache and any kind of pain that you heart endures. But the strongest organ in your body is your heart. It heals and once you feel love and your own feelings it will remain intolerable to any kind of emotional pain.


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