Artist’s Spotlight: Bad Buzz

Today artist’s spotlight is on @Bad_buzz

  1. What is your art aesthetic?                                                                                                ” I’ve heard my art called Trash style. I like to think that you can recognize my work as it has a particular style no matter what the media. People always tag me on Instagram asking if the work is mine. “
  2. What are you five top cartoons and why?
    “The Simpsons – To create something funny, that looks amazing and appeals to a Worldwide audience is an impossible task. And they managed it. I preferred how it used to look in The Shorts and the first few seasons.
    He-Man – Amazing characters, morals 🙂 stories, it had everything. My Bros, friends and me all collected the figures and played for hours with them. Sticker books etc The look of the cartoon and the books still look amazing now. Still obsessed with He-Man.
    Thundercats – Same comments as He-Man.
    Dungeons & Dragons – Was a D&D Geek as a kid, watched the cartoons recently and still holds up today. Cartoons were so much better back then as they had more time and less technology. You got to know the characters and they all had different strengths, clever.
    Apollo Gauntlet – Its very rare to find something decent that is new, but If you haven’t seen this you need to check it out, taken from the original you tube series. It still has that homemade feel even though they have used loads of new tech to speed up the process. Funny, stupid, great characters, Inspires me to create something like this. maybe in 2019? You can watch over and over again, still makes me cry. Hard to beat.”
    3. What is your favorite piece you made and why?                                                            “I liked the artwork I did recently of Orko in The Simpsons Living Room. Coloured in Pencils. Most of my drawings have meanings behind them, some people get it and others maybe just like the art.Orko

    Im trying to say that its hard to fit in, anywhere in life, Work, School, New cities. Some of us arn’t as confident as others, or have stuff going on you dont know about. So its just to be aware of that.
    Bring people into the group no matter what they look like or are into, you may be surprised. “
    4.Can you talk  a bit about the online store: Why you start it and what is the most popular item on it?

    “Ive been working on my own Bad Buzz clothing brand for a few years now, as it just something that I always wanted to do. Sometimes its hard to find simple clothes to ware, so decided to make my own.
    The most popular items were the Wu-tang Bart Cap, Bart Bumbag and the Smoking Bart Cap. Can you see theres a theme going here ? Nearly all sold out so take a look:
     My shop:
    5. Do you have any exciting news, shows, events coming up in terms of your art? ”

    “It’s the last few days of my Buzztallica `Master of Knock-offs’ exhibition at the Staalplaat Store in Berlin (Germany). The opening was 21st May 2018 and ran for a month.

    You can buy framed originals from the Berlin exhibition (Link in contact info) 
    The subjects I drew were mostly from my past memories of TV shows, cartoons, Computer games, D&D, Action figures, Films, and tried and incorporate them into whats happening in the world right now.
    I’m in the process of organising another Exhibition for the end of this year but this time in Barcelona (Spain)
    I have loads of new stuff coming out this year, Toy Figures, Skateboards, magazines, pins, patches, and more Apparel. Follow my instagram to keep up to date.

    If you like to learn more about @bad_buzz his contact information is:

Link to buy framed orginals from the Berlin Exhibit:

Staalplaat  (search for Bad Buzz)

Instagram – @bad_buzz
Shop: Badbuzz



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