Man of the Moment!: DuckMan

DUCKMAN you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!!!

Yes I am well aware you are a cartoon and you are a duck BUT you are this month’s man of the moment!

I used to watch this cartoon late at night when I was growing up. When I was a kid I thought it was a little weird to watch a cartoon so late at night only realizing years later that this cartoon was not meant for kids rather it was meant for adults. Still it was a super cool show and I got to stay up late to watch it! It was absolutely nothing like the other cartoons I would watched in the afternoons like  Mickey mouse or Porky Pig this duck had some major grown up problems.


Although I guess the only problem I had watching this was that I did wonder why Duckman didn’t have clothes on most of the time  but he wore glasses and his family members did? I never could figure that one out but that’s OK! Some mysteries in life are never meant  to be solved and this is definitely on my list of unsolved but I am totally cool with not solving them kind of mysteries.


Duckman never had a cool calm demeanor as a private detective actually he wasn’t the best at this job however he did get into some interesting dilemmas while trying to solved the crime. His pal and fellow co-detective Cornfed was the straight man in this comedy duo and was able to solved the crime in time before the show end. tumblr_oxs294HmCY1w27jeoo1_400

Yes Duckman was sometimes (or most of the time)  rude, vulgar and loud but he was also funny, honest and one of the cooler cartoons I have ever watched!




Until next time!

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