My top five pre-orders!

Hello everyone! With a new month come new pre-orders in horror, foreign, and classic movies.

Here are some preorders I am definitely looking forward to!


William Castle at Columbia Volume One- (Powerhouse Films. Release date is October 22, 2018)- William Castle is one of my favorite directors. He was such a showman in producing, directing and getting his movies across a lot of US screens. So I am definitely looking forward to this box set and the volume two when that comes out as well.

Link to pre-order is here: WIlliam Castle at Columbia

2. candymanARROW

Candyman ( ArrowVideo. Released date is October 29,2018) – Arrow Video is one of my preferred movie companies. Mainly because they do such an amazing job with there transfers of movies, additional extras and supplements to there movies. I mean just by the picture look at all the amazing extras that come with this release!: candymanarrow2

Link below to preorder:



City of the living dead (ArrowVideo)- This movie has one of my favorite soundtracks. I always recommend people who want to watch a Lucio Fulci to watch this movie first to see how well they can tolerate all of the gore in it! And what a better way to watch it then with this version!

Link to pre-order is here: City of the living dead

4. CrittersCollection.BeautyShot.72dpi

The Critters Collection (Shout Factory Released Date November 28 2018)- to be honest I have only watched the first Critters movie. But theses guys are really cute and scary I am willing to watch the rest of the collection just to see what rampage of cute terror they will unleash!

Preorder link is here: The Critters Collection


Maniac (Blue Underground Release date November 2018)- This is one of my favorite movies but I actually don’t own it. Yes I was  little surprised at myself as well when I realized that fact! In any case it is better late then never considering that this version has all of these amazing extras such as a bonus cd of the soundtrack and a new 4K restore version of this movie.

Preorder link is here: Maniac

Well I will try and do this section of my blog every couple of months because there is so many more amazing movies coming out this fall!


Until next time!!!

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