Trust your gut

Over the past couple of months a lot of things have happened that seemed more apparent to me that if I didn’t trust my gut I would still be having an internal issue with my brain. My brain has always been my voice of reason however paranoia and self doubt on my decisions took over. What would of taken me days to figure out with my brain made me doubt myself more. Mostly because my brain takes over with all of these buts or what if. Which makes my decision even if it was firm in the first place become spotty.

But my gut feeling on things have been more on lately. My dreams seem to play out what my gut has felt about things or is feeling. So after coming to terms with my dreams following my gut I decided then and there that my gut feeling is not off.

With so many retrogrades happening lately and people’s feelings and moods have been off. Listen to your gut. Mediate, spend some time resting and focusing on yourself. I know it’s been hard for a lot of people but being the end of summer soon it’s take to take a mental vacation! Your gut will thank you later.

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