A run in…. (a childhood memory)


I have a certain flash of a  memory of something that happen to me when I was around this age.  It was around Christmas. I had to hear it from my mom a couple of years ago for it to somewhat click in my head for me to remember a bit more.

My mom told me once when I was six that she took me to the grocery store and I was bugging her if I could to see the cartoons on the cereal boxes ( I thought they were pieces of art) and she getting a laundry list of fruits and vegetables said fine. I think it was mostly because she knew I would bug her until she said yes so to save her a lot of work and frustration and it being two aisles over. She thought it would not be too far off for me to go and she can get what she needed in peace. I wasn’t aware at the time while I was walking over there that I was being watched. I remember going to the cereal aisle and looking at the boxes then I remember a tall man with dark hair and glasses coming up to me. I really do not remember what he talk to me about. I just remember my mom coming a couple of minutes later and a bit of there conversation.

He told my mom that I had such beautiful skin like a porcelain doll and asked how many kids she had. My mom said three. I remember him saying well three sounds like a handful and handed my mom a business card and if she ever needed to give me up he would adopt me. My mom took the card and just laughed. I don’t remember any other conversation after that or if my mom every told my dad what happened.

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