(Wo)man of the Moment: Jayne Mansfield!

Jayne Mansfield you are this month’s Wo(man) of the Moment!tumblr_p1d64tsoHS1qad56lo1_1280

Jayne Mansfield has always been one of my icons because she alway lived her life to the fullest! One of my favorite movies that she starred in was “The Girl Can’t Help It” directed by Frank Tashlin.


Jayne was never scare to show off her assets and her personality. Even a simple trip to the supermarket was over the top! She believed that everywhere she went was a photo opt for the press. tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo2_640tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo1_540tumblr_olt3y2ruvg1qcqftxo3_1280

And it was no secret that her favorite color was pink. That color explains her personality perfectly because pink is a very loud color and it tends to stand out. One of my favorite houses ever is Jayne Mansfield house. She referred it as her “Pink Palace.” And everything was cover in pink or red. tumblr_oxz04tOSPB1rzpu82o2_1280



Even her car was pink!


In learning about Jayne’s life and watching her movies she kind of taught me a bit about life.  You must live it loud and live life well. If you love the color pink than there is no use in hiding it you gotta flaunt it! Just be real and be who you are.


Congrats Jayne on being this month’s WO(man) of the moment!!


Until next time!


4 thoughts on “(Wo)man of the Moment: Jayne Mansfield!

  1. Yes!!! Jayne is my FAVORITE! And, “The Girls Can’t Help It” is, for me, her best film! The set decoration is beyond superb …. if I’m not mistaken, every single scene is on a completely different set. And, the music! That Julie London “ghost” scene with Tom Ewell is incredible! (& Ewell was also lucky enough to co-star with Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch” …. what was his secret!??) …. and then you have the Little Richard number!!! Just an ALL around fantastic film!

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