The Monster Club Soundtrack

Every week this month I am writing about some of my favorite soundtracks!

This week is devoted to the Monster Club Soundtrack!

The Monster Club was a made that came out in 1981 and was directed by Roy Ward Baker. It starred Vincent Price, John Carradine and Anthony Steele. It is a movie that was based on stories by Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes who is best known for writing horror stories.


John Carrandine plays a fictionalized version of Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes in the movie. He is walking at night in London where he is stopped by Eramus (played by Vincent Price) and what starts off as a friendly conversation turns into horror for Ronald. Because Eramus turns out to be a vampire and bites Ronald. He then take Ronald to a club where all of this monsters and supernatural beings go to and starts to tell three stories about some of the monsters, creatures and ghosts that come there. In between the stories there are breaks of music playing and that is where the one of the most awesome 80’s monster music plays!

The Monster Club from my personal collection

The soundtrack consists of a lot of British rock bands and singers such as B.A. Robertson, UB40, and Pretty Things. The only band that is on the soundtrack and does not in the movie is UB40.

I will share with you three of my favorite songs on the soundtrack.

The Monster Club sung by Pretty Things.  I like the reggae beat to this song so much and I kind wish it was my ring tone.

Sucker for your Love by B.A. Robertson. Sometimes I hum this song but I rarely am around people who know where it is from.

Stripper sung by Night. Stevie Lang has such a unique singing voice and this track fits so well to the scene.

To my knowledge this soundtrack is available on vinyl only and it is extremely hard to find. It took me about 4 years to come across one that wasn’t extremely expensive. I don’t know if there is any future reissue of this soundtrack but I really hope so because it would be such a shame to not reach worldwide audience.


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