(Author’s note: I am writing this section based on my interpretation, emotions and feelings and not anyone’s else. This will be  continually section every month)


I remember the first time I talked to him was in the middle of August it was a quick message here through social media and there and it eventually progressed into texting then finally calling. I never met him before at the point but something in the way we would talk about random things and each other was quite comforting to me. One day on the phone he asked me if he could drive out  to come visit me….I was kind of taken aback because it was only a short time we were talking. I say yes but was surprised by my response because I am extremely hesitant about meeting new people. I am not a person of secrets or drama but I have never been a social person but something in my gut told me that this person is a good person.

I met him on a Saturday in mid September. It was during the twilight time where the sun is going down and the moon wants to take it turn  being out.  I saw him walking towards me and then past me because I was sitting on a bench facing the opposite direction of where he was walking. I yelled out “Keep walking!” and he stopped and turned. He smiled as he walked towards me and as I got up to meet him halfway. I finally got a good look at him. That was the first time I had ever had direct eye contact with him, and within that first exchanged of looks I had a feeling that I never experienced before. I felt like I was meeting my best friend from decades ago and this is something we routinely do. Even though this was the first time we ever saw each other face to face……


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  1. I liked the fact that when reading this it was easy to imagine this happening in different visual styles. Like drawn out, anime, horror or stop movement, thank you

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