Lady.cult’s Rummage’s Sale!

Hello and welcome to a new part of my blog called Lady.cult’s Rummage Sale. I will be selling some of my items from my personal collection every couple of months.

Here is the breakdown of how this will go:

The price will be as listed plus priority shipping.

I will send the item(s) within 2 to 5 working days when payment is received.

I will provide a tracking number with your order.

I will only accept payment via PAYPAL. Everything price is in US dollars

No returns on items unless there is something absolutely wrong with the item.

If you are interested in an item and have questions please DM via my Lady.cult or retro.cult Instagram pages. Also if you do not have IG please email me only if you are seriously buying anything listed below at

I will remove the listing below for the item once it is completely sold!

Let the sale BEGIN!!!


Naked Lunch Paperback book- This gem of a book is by William S. Burroughs and part of the banned book list. Condition- Good PRICE: $2.00+shipping.


Night of the Demons DVD (2004) this fun 80’s horror flick is directed by Kevin Tenney. Condition of DVD: Like new  and this movie has never been played.

PRICE: $8.00+ Shipping


Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky. There is so much rich crazy history about this hospital.

Condition: Good Hardback

Price: $3.00+plus shipping


Death to Smoochy. OK so I tried REALLY hard to like this movie….but I just couldn’t do it. So I thought it might have a better chance for someone else to enjoy it!

Condition: Good played once

Price: $3.00+ shipping


If you been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia then you are aware of who this man is. If not….then take this opportunity to read about him in this lovely hardback book!

Condition: Good

Price: $5.00+shipping



Cooking price-wise with Vincent Price. Same Story as Toxie I have two of these. This book is extremely rare and you don’t see it often. If you are a Vincent Price fan and want to make his recipes this is definitely the book for you!!! The condition of this book is good to very good.

Ebay has one listed for $160.00

My price is $85.00+ shipping!


Happy shopping!

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