Soundtrack of the day: Phantom of the Paradise

Today’s soundtrack of the day is from the movie Phantom of the Paradise. It is as film directed by Brian De Palma and stars Jessica Harper, Paul Williams and William Finley. This is probably my favorite movies by Brian De Palma and it is mostly due to the amazing and catchy soundtrack!


All the songs and lyrics on the soundtrack are by Paul Williams. He also starred in the movie as Swan a record boss of Death Records. Swan is an extremely evil person who cares about his youth,money and his success. MV5BNzkwNmE4NmMtZGJlNi00NDViLTg1MGYtMTYxNmU2NDY1Njk3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEwODg2MDY@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,1424,1000_AL_The movie centers around Swan’s newest venture a rock and roll palace and he is need of music for his opening night. He hears Winslow’s music and is convince and determined that Winslow’s compositions and lyrics are perfect for his big opening night performance! So he is determined by any means to get Winslow’s music!Phantom-of-the-Paradise-at-The-Frida-Cinema

I will only discussed three songs (I had a very hard time just choosing three! However I adore all of the songs on the soundtrack equally so the selections were picked at random!)

“Goodbye, Eddie, Goodbye”

The movie opens up to this song and it is a total homage to the music of the 1950’s.


Even though the beat sounds happy and danceable pay attention to the lyrics. They are a quite sad and somber.



“The Hell of It”

This song is sung by Paul Williams and you only heard this song during the ending credits. It’s a short song but I have to admit when I first watched this movie and went head over heels with the soundtrack. This song was the probably the first song I had on repeat for days on end! Paul Williams actually performed this song on the Brady Bunch Hour.

“Special To Me” sung by Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper plays Phoenix an up and coming actress. As her audition she sings this song and pretty much lands the audition.


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2 thoughts on “Soundtrack of the day: Phantom of the Paradise

  1. Great post. You’re killing it. I share so much of your brand of nostalgia. There’s a handful of tunes that bring me back to this time. Weak examples are devil down in Georgia or harry nilsen tunes, cold as ice even. Lost souls were a great them in the 70s and 80s. Thanks again to help me remember.


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