Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe!

In honor of one of my favorite authors birthdays: Edgar Allan Poe (born January 19, 1809 Boston, Massachusetts)


I decided to write about one of my favorite interpretations of Poe’s classic poem: ” The Raven.” from the Simpsons.

This segment was the part of the first Simpsons’s Treehouse of horror episode from season 2.


It was the last segment shown in the episode and it is one of my favorite three houses of horror shows in general.

It starts off as Lisa reading the poem in there treehouse and than transition into James Earl Jones’s voice that continues to read the rest of the poem and also becomes the narrator in the poem.

Homer Simpson plays the main character (he has no actual name in the poem), Bart plays the raven, Maggie and Lisa played the Seraphs and Marge is the Lost Lenore.



I really like this take on this classic poem and when I first read Poe’s poem I was in fourth grade and it was for a school assignment. At first I didn’t really understand why the main narrator was love lost over Lenore.

But it wasn’t until I saw the Simpsons version I  had a much better understanding of the pain he felt at the loss of Lenore.


I personally feel like when you love someone regardless of whoever they and they love you back. It creates such a strong bond that nothing even death could break the love for that person will forever be there.

Bart’s role as the raven is a perfect fit because Homer gets so easily annoyed by his actions as Bart the human. That Bart as the raven that the irritation further annoy Homer (who is absolutely heartbroken) and infuriates him when Bart’s only response to him is “never more.”

giphy (1)

I also enjoyed the further homage to Edgar Allan Poe in this segment when the raven protects himself but throwing other books by Poe and hitting Homer in the head.


giphy (2)



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