Show of the month: 1990’s: The deadliest decade!

Hello everyone! So I have to admit I am a bit of a Investigation Discovery channel addict! Ever since I was little I have been glued to my TV and anything that struck a historic pop culture reference just caught my attention! I used to watch a lot of E! True Hollywood Story (are they out on DVD yet???) and anything that involved an intense real court room drama that was on TV I would totally watched it. Although a lot of my classmates couldn’t relate when I would bring up those topics to them so I mainly kept that kind of conversation to myself.

So when I heard a couple of years ago that a channel that involves all of those elements existed 24 hours a day! I was so trilled!!! And when I saw previews for the show “The 1990’s: the Deadliest Decade” I knew it was a must watch for me!!!


This show highlights some of the most infamous cases of that decade and personally growing up in that decade they were a LOT of cases that defined that era!

Such cases as the Club Kid murders in New York City:


This show highlights the beginning of the AOL Chat Rooms and the every growing fear of stranger danger!


It also covered the horrific and sad murder that happened in Indiana in 1992:

screenshot-400 (1)

Every time the show comes back from a commercial break a computer or a pager hits the screen with progress date of the case:


All in all this show is a must see! And is available to watch on the ID go app. Here is a short commercial for it:

The ID channel also had a similar programs called: 1980’s: The Deadliest Decade. Which is another show I totally recommended there was at least 2 seasons worth of the most notorious cases from that decade:


Until Next time!!!!


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