Vincent Price Cooks!

When you think of actor Vincent Price (1911- 1993) you think of the many, many horror movie roles he played. However did you know that he was also a gourmet chef!  The video below is from a segment from the Johnny Carson show where Vincent Price cooked a salmon in the dishwasher in 1975!

A couple of years ago I came across one of  his cook books:

img_1803 (1)

This was from his 1971 cooking show called Cooking-Wise which played on a British TV channel called Thames Television. It was only six episodes long shown in April and May.



On the show Vincent showed how to make many delicious dishes from around the world.When the show ended his recipe book “Cooking-wise with Vincent Price” he continued his TV series with his book. He notes in the introduction of the book that he didn’t make up the recipes rather on his many worldly travels he collected them and complied them into the book.


He goes on to say that you don’t have to travel around the globe for become a wordly eater and chef. You can do it from the comfort of your local town and markets and make everything in your kitchen!

angostura bitters chinese chicken

He divided the book into pretty simple chapters. There is a cheese chapter, a bacon chapter and there is even a chapter for recipes solely on coffee! Every chapter has a introduction as to why he chose to go with these recipes. Vincent Price creates a kind of comfort feeling when you read them like he is part of your family bringing these recipes that were past down from generation to generation.

Television - Cooking Price-Wise - Thames Television, London

“Cooking-Wise with Vincent Price” was the last cookbook that Vincent made. He previously made three other cookbooks before this one. He even collaborated with one of his wives on one called “Mary and Vincent Price presents a National Treasury Cookery” that was published in 1967.


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