Sharp Objects (2019)

Last week I just watched a miniseries called “Sharp Objects”. The miniseries is based on a book by Gilliam Flynn of the same name.


This miniseries is directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (who also directed Dallas Buyers Club and Big Little Lies)


and stars Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina and Eliza Scanlen in the main roles.


This miniseries centers around Camille Preaker (played by Amy Adams) who is a reporter who has to go back to her home town of Windgap, Missouri to cover some murders of young girls. Camille who is an alcoholic and was release not to long ago from a psychiatric hospital due to inflicting self harm by cutting herself. She  does not want to go back to her hometown due to her super critical mother but due to her insistent editor persuades her to go.

When she arrives in Windgap not only does Camille start to face her own personal deep issues but also has to deal with her family. Especially her overbearing and high society mother Adora (who is played by Patricia Clarkson).

giphy (1)

Through out this miniseries the viewer follows Camille as she tries to figure out who is killing the young girls of Windgap. Also the viewer get an insight as how Camille lead her young life in town and why she became the person she is today.


I found the pace of each show a little slow (I am personally not a fan of slow pace movies or shows) however I felt the slow pace of this plot needed to be at that pace. There is so much to absorb not only in the plot but also how the main characters needed to be fully fleshed out in order to explain the plot better. This was the first time I binge watch a series in a very long time. I kind of didn’t want it to end I feel like there was so much trouble in Windgap that it could of turned into a tv show.

I know not a lot of people are a fan of slow pace things but I feel like if you like thrillers then you will probably like this series.

Here is a trailer for it below:

Fun Fact about this miniseries: If you are a Led Zeppelin fan then you are in for a treat because this series has a lot of there songs in this!


Until Next time!



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