My four must reads for spring!

Hello everyone! As you all know I love to read so I decided to share some of the books I have in my book pile for the spring season. Some are old and some literally just came out but they are all unique and off the beaten reading path.I am not the average reader so my selections kind of stay true to form. I will provide links if you guys are interesting in buy them or want to know more information on them.

In particular order:


The Prom Queen by RL Stine. I used to read these books back in middle like candy! I would read one and quickly go on to the next one because they were so entertaining! Flash back to today and I cannot remember any of the plots to most of them so I started a fear street book club and this was my selection for April!

Link is below:


And I don’t want to live this Life by Deborah Spungen- a lot of us know about Nancy Spungen sad and unfortunate demise but a lot of us do not know a lot about her. Her mother wrote this book to have the world better understand her daughter. Her upbringing, the personal struggles she had when she was alive and just a better picture of who Nancy was then how she was portrayed by the media.

Link is below:


The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick- this book is about Milicent Patrick (she is credited to be the first female animator at Disney Studios) who created the costume of one of my favorite Universal Monsters: The Creature from the Black Lagoon and little is know about this creative genius because she was never given the rightly deserved credit for her work just because she was a woman. Author Mallory O’Meara writes about the struggles Patrick had in the entertainment industry and how it relates to her own and how it is still a prevalent issue today.

Link is below:


Los Vinos  de Gala I am not much of a cook or a wine connoisseur but I am a HUGE fan of everything Salvador Dali. So this gorgeous book was a natural thing to add this book to the list!

Link is here:


What is everyone planning to read this spring?

Until Next time!!!

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