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Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of welcome to the Insta-hood! This week’s interview is with  IG account @fayexfatale

  1.  Tell me a little bit about yourself.


“My name is Faye Fatale, and I’m a horror movie hostess, gothic model, and tribal bellydancer from San Francisco, California. I’ve appeared in Seasons 9 and 10 of Creepy KOFY Movie Time here on San Francisco’s local channel KOFY-TV 20, as well as on Circus of Chaos, KOFY’s late-night variety show. I’ve co-hosted Creature Features here in Bay Area, and appeared on the episode where we screened “Lady Frankenstein,” which is one of my favorite cheeseball horror flicks. I’m also a regular on the local comic-con circuit, and I’ve been in several productions with Shadow Circus Creature Theater, which is without a doubt, some of the funniest, weirdest, and most creative puppetry happening on the west coast today.



My first modeling gig was at the age of five months, when my aunt’s advertising firm needed a “typical American family” for a print ad they were producing. I portrayed “the baby” in the ad, and honestly, I nailed it.

As a teenager, I would model in local bridal shows wearing bridesmaid and Sweet 16 dresses, and also took part in musical productions in high school. When I took a career aptitude exam in my junior year, the exam determined that I was best suited for a career in entertainment, which I had guessed already! I took some time off from performing when I went to university and established my career, but returned to showbiz when I started taking bellydance classes nearly ten years ago. Since then, I’ve been part of a pin-up modeling club, and my horror hosting gig started in 2013. I’ve struck out on my own with modeling these days, and I’ve created some beautiful work with a good friend who is an absolute master with the camera. I never thought my life would end up quite this way, and things have never been more creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


2.  Can you talk a little about your horror hostess gig?

“After I began doing pin-up, I invited the hosts of San Francisco’s “Creepy KOFY Movie Time” to follow the Facebook page I had established to showcase my photos. I couldn’t believe it when they actually began following my work! I had been such a nerdy fangirl of their show for so long, that it was really exciting to get on their radar. As it happened, the same hosts appeared at a local comic-con a few months later. I had no idea they would be there, but when I spotted them in the hall, I didn’t know what to do. My best friend Rachel was with me, and told me to stop being so nervous and just walk over and introduce myself. With Rachel backing me up, I went over, said hello, and mentioned that the hosts had been following my pin-up work online. They recognized me! We ended up having a great conversation, and they invited me to come on the show. I thought it was going to be a one-off gig, but when filming began, I was introduced as the next cast member. To go from fangirl to cast member was incredible, and I’ll never forget that moment.



As I mentioned earlier, I appeared in seasons 9 and 10 of Creepy KOFY Movie Time, and got to help host some truly forgettable and unintentionally hilarious movies like Roger Corman’s “Swamp Women,” “Driller Killer,” “Laser Mission” (with Brandon Lee!!), and even “Cannibal Holocaust,” which never made it to air, due to a cease-and-desist order by the company that bought it from the public domain. The cast would also do live shows around the Bay Area, where we would show a terrible movie and provide the commentary live. Our “Halloween Hangover” show is still talked about as one of the best events we ever had. In addition, we started appearing at local comic cons. I especially love doing that, considering where I was “discovered” by the hosts.


Creepy KOFY Movie Time was discontinued when KOFY was sold to another broadcast company, but many of the cast and crew continued on to “Circus of Chaos,” which is a variety show that took over Creepy KOFY’s time slot. We feature artists and musicians, produce skits, showcase local dancers, and interview various people involved in San Francisco showbiz and nightlife. It’s a fun show that everyone puts a lot of hard work into, and I’m proud of everyone’s creativity, determination, and improvisational skills, especially since so little of it is actually scripted.”

3.  Who are your top four fashion icons and why?


  1. Tarja Turunen—singer, ex-Nightwish: Two things happened when I got into university—one: I discovered symphonic metal, and two: I started getting really interested in makeup. One of my favorite symphonic metal groups was (and still is!) Nightwish, which featured Tarja Turunen, an operatic soprano on lead vocals. I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and as I started creating different looks with makeup, I often used Tarja’s pictures as reference material. Tarja is now a solo artist, but her style continues to inspire me.


2.     Bettie Page: Long before I got into pin-up modeling, I watched a show on the E!      Network called “True Hollywood Story” that covered the life of model Bettie Page. I had been aware of Bettie for some time prior, but I was fascinated by this program. Bettie was such a pioneer in her work, from her risqué bondage shoots to the genuine joy she radiated in front of the camera. I admired her determined attitude and personal confidence, and started collecting her photos and merchandise. Bettie has had such an influence on retro styles, comic art, and commercial modeling, and I always try to reflect her poise and demeanor when I’m in front of the camera.


3. Elvira: This one is probably obvious, but I just adore Elvira’s slinky style and wicked sense of humor. She’s got curves that should be named as National Treasures, and she’s funny, bold, sexy, and sassy. My over-the-top eye makeup was inspired by her look, and I only wish that I could get my hair as high as she does.


4. Data von Teese: Dita is the ultimate arbiter of retro style in today’s world, and she’s so elegant. Her book, “Your Beauty Mark,” is an absolute gem, and I admire her style, which reflects the grace and sophistication of previous eras. Her burlesque is amazing—she’s a true showwoman. I’ve had several haircuts based on photos of her, and I even purchased a ring she used to wear from one of her online shops. It’s one of my lucky charms.


4. How did you become interesting in doing Tribal bellydancing?

“After taking several years off from entertainment during university and the beginning of my career, I found that I was really missing performing. All throughout my life, I had always done something active—I took ballet as a child, I studied martial arts in high school, and during university, I took up ballroom dance. Suddenly, I found myself in place where I wasn’t doing any kind of artistic physical activity, and I wanted to get back to it so badly. As I was looking through a class guide that had been sent to me by my local recreation center, I noticed that they were offering bellydance classes. It was the end the of the year, so I made a new year’s resolution to take a class. That’s pretty much the only new year’s resolution I’ve ever kept, because almost ten years later, I’m still in classes at least twice a week and performing in an amazing troupe. I especially love sword dancing and balancing, because the reaction from the audience when they see the huge scimitars we use and then balance them on our heads is incredible. I love to put on a good show.


I perform solos every once in a while, and have performed on Circus of Chaos and as part of Shadow Circus Creature Theater, because what’s a good circus without a sword dancer?!”

5. Do you have any exciting events coming up that you would like to share?

“This weekend, I’ll be appearing at Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Con in Santa Rosa, California, along with several of my fellow cast members. This con has a special place in my heart because it was at Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Con I first met the hosts of Creepy KOFY Movie Time! It’s like returning to my roots. I also have some fun bellydance performances dancing with my troupe sisters coming up, and there’s some amazing plans in the works. I invite everyone to come along on my adventures by following me at fayexfatale on Instagram. In addition to photos of my appearances and events, I also enjoy posting horror trivia, weird pulp art, and pictures of models, actresses, and burlesques dancers from days gone by. Hope to see all you freaks, geeks, and weirdos around the Instahood!”



If you like more information or have any questions  please follow her account



Until next time!

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