” I thought it was a hot dog…”

From Clarissa’s Personal vault:


Many years ago I was working at a high end store and while it wasn’t my favorite place to work at it did allow me to have personal freedom in terms of my appearance. ( I literally had at least 30 different colors in my hair in my life time so far. And on this particular summer day I asked my manager if I could leave work early to go to the hair salon for color combination six at the time.

She said it was fine but she need to know the days off I needed for an upcoming vacation I was taking and I said that’s cool I’ll make sure to do it before tonight. When I got off I started walking towards the  parking deck and I thought to myself: “I still have twenty minutes before I actually have to drive to the salon. Why don’t I just ride the email about those days I need off?”

Satisfied with that easy tasked to do I found my parking space and hopped in my car (which I always like to reverse into the space so it’s easier to leave. Yes I am totally one of those people!) and sat in the driver’s seat and started they email on my phone. I looked up and saw an old man in the opposite parking space just walking by. He was walking super slowly and wearing a long jacket and a huge hat that looked like a good version of Indiana Jones’s Hat.


I did not think much of him because I parked near where the buses met outside to the parking deck. So I put my attention back to my email and then while I was halfway done I had this weird feeling in my gut that I was being watched. So I look back up and I see the same man just still standing in the same space I saw him but he was looking right directly at me.

I was really confused because we meet eye contact and I broke the eye lock  between him and I and look midway of his body. I saw him holding something in both of his hands and I couldn’t see far away without my glasses so I started to squint with my eyes to see what he was holding. I was thinking to myself “Is that a sandwich he is holding? No it doesn’t look like one. I think it’s a hot dog.” And then I realized “OMG THAT IS NO HOT DOG THAT IS HIS PENIS! INDIANA JONES IS FLASHING ME HIS PENIS??!?!”

I started to panicked and started my car and just drove off and I look in my rear view mirror and the guy is just slowly walking the opposite direction.

I ended up parking on the opposite side of the level I parked at and called my manager since it was the store’s parking lot. I told her I just been flashed in the parking lot by a guy wearing an Indiana Jones hat!! And that I was still in the parking lot

She was confusing and she kept putting me on hold until she got a hold of mall security and assured me that they were on the way. A couple of minutes later I saw a bunch of mall security cars speeding by and flashing there yellow lights. It took them a while to find me and my car. They asked me to describe the guy and what exactly happen. I told them I wasn’t sure what was going on because I thought the guy was just holding a hot dog…”


Mall security could never locate the guy but years later I think I saw him with the same hat holding a cat and walking down a road.


Until next time!!!

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