Welcome to the Insta-hood: @fmofpodcast !

Hello everyone ! Welcome to another installment of “Welcome to the Insta-hood!” Where I interview fascinating people and their instagram accounts. Today I interviewed a really funny and great podcast called: Florida Men on Florida Man. (Their IG name is  @fmofpodcast  ) They are three guys from Florida (obiviously!)

Florida beach but I don’t believe that the surfers are the FMofmpodcast guys.
  1. Tell me a little about yourself:”

Cameron:”Florida born and raised musician and teacher who enjoys a good Florida Man story. I like to spend time with family, friends, and get outdoors when it’s not too unbearably hot. “


Wayne: “Born and raised in Florida.  Toured the country, got married, had kids, and started a podcast with my best friends.  I love soccer, talking about movies, and whiskey.”

Josh:” (I feel like I would be more honest if I answered these in 3rd person.) Josh has been described as pheromone heavy, illiterate, and situationally awkward. He talks when it’s too quiet and his brow will produce a sweet, glazed glossing that would rival a recently detailed car. He enjoys the company of his co-hosts but feels overwhelmed in crowds. ”

2. How did your podcast come about?

“The three of us traveled for most of our 20s doing music, but we eventually got tired of being away from home and decided to settle down and start families.  Josh initially had the idea of starting a podcast based around our experiences growing up in private schools.


We had a few interest meetings and decided that a podcast about “Florida Man” would not only be a lot of fun, but would provide us the opportunity to continue to create and interact with listeners on a wider level. “

3. What has been your favorite podcast you guys have done so far and why?

Josh: “Every episode presents a weird story about Florida and its history. Places like The Garden of Eden (Episode 12) existing in real life and in Florida blew me away. The origin story of the monkeys in Ocala (Episode 7) still doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Wayne: “There’s always going to be a special place in my heart for the spooky stuff.  Episode 20, the little lighthouse of Horrors, still keeps me up at night.  We were even invited to experience it ourselves after hours, which was really neat.”


Cameron: “I think my favorite episode was the story about the barefoot mailman, episode 22. It has to be the most difficult and most Floridian job anyone could ever have.”

4.  What has been the weirdest Florida Men headline you read and why?

Wayne:” I’ve got to go with the headline about the prisoners clogging the toilets so they could communicate to each other through the sewage pipes.  Brilliant.”

Josh: “Most recently a woman was found to have 41 turtles in her backpack and a baby alligator in her yoga pants.  So I’d say that one.”

Cameron: “I think the craziest headline we’ve talked about was the mayor of Port Richey shooting at SWAT when they came to arrest him in his home. We then had a follow up story about the interim mayor being arrested two weeks later.”

5.  Is there any exciting news, events etc you would like to share?

“Recently we received a report from our publisher that showed that we not only had subscribers in every state but also hundreds of subscribers internationally.  It honestly blows our minds that anyone would even listen to the show, much less folks from outside of Florida.  We’re honored for the support and will continue to make content as long as people continue to listen!”


Thank you so much for the interview! This is one of my new favorite podcasts to listen.  If you like to listen to there podcast the link is  below:

Florida Men on Florida Man Podcast

They also have an IG account:


And a website! :

Florida Men on Florida Man


Until next time!



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