Welcome to the Insta-hood: @hypepriestess !

Hello and welcome to this week’s installment of Welcome to the Insta-hood! Where I interview fascinating people and there IG accounts. This time it is @hypepriestess turn!


  1.  Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Leo, I don’t think I know how to tell “a little” about myself, haha. But here goes; My name is Lacey, I’m 31, and I live one mile from Disneyland in Anaheim CA, and I’m kinda obsessed with Disney. I worked for Zumiez for 15 years, and quit last year at the District Manager level to open up my Tarot Lounge and Healing Studio in Downtown Santa Ana. I am currently a certified level II Reiki Practitioner, Channeled Healer, and intuitive tarot reader. I have been doing this work for about 5 years since my spiritual awakening in 2014. 

I live in Orange County California with my boyfriend who anonymously runs the lifestyle and streetwear brand SLUSHCULT.  We live with our two black cats, Phineas and Ferb, and we seriously just love to have FUN. I was born and raised in the Pacific North West, so I have lots of love for the west coast, but Southern California has truly become my home these past 13 years. 
In my practice, it is extremely important for me to be inclusive and accessible. My prices are fair (for where I live) and I also offer payment plans. I try to accommodate for BI-POC, gender non-conformists, and marginalized peoples as much as possible in my space.”
2. When and why did you decide to start your business?
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I took the original leap in 2016, and had a “side hustle,” as our generation is so apt to do. Having started the instagram in 2015, I had a little bit of a following, and had consistent orders of crystals and tarot readings for the first year. In 2017, however, I got promoted to District Manager at Zumiez, like I had mentioned, and that job became way too full time for me to really accomplish what I wanted with my personal business. In 2018 I shut down tarot readings for essentially the entire year, even after I quit my job in September.

In August 2018, I had someone reach out to me and ask if she could come to my home to get a reading. She was visiting from Michigan and wanted to get read from me in person. I wasn’t comfortable with someone coming to my house, and I felt so embarrassed I didn’t have a space to share my healings in. So I purchased a little office space in Santa Ana and my intention was that on my two days off from Zumiez I would work out of my office on tarot readings. One week later, I quit Zumiez for good. “
3.  How did you know that you had this gift?
“I think I’m still discovering my “gifts,” everyday. I think everyone has these gifts, and it’s either with you your entire life, or it can be developed over time. For me, occult, paranormal, spirits, aliens, etc were always a huge part of my life ALWAYS. I can remember setting up massive ghost hunting outings growing up in the pacific north west. Legit, I was 16, and getting 20+ people to go ghost hunting with me. I was always the one in high school seeking out THE TRUTH, and uncovering conspiracy theories. I was always curious.  
I never felt “connected” in a spiritual sense (or I guess in a “religious” sense – I didn’t realize how much trauma I had around the word GOD), but I was always attracted to that life style. 
When I was 25, had the best job, best home, best boyfriend, and best life –  I went into massive depression for the first time in my life, and as it is for most people, that was my awakening moment. I was never the same. I used crystals to heal myself of depression. I used meditation to ease my pain, and start to uncover what the fuck was wrong with me. And that’s when tarot came in.
An ex best friend at the time (now best friends again, hah!)  came out of the wood work and said Tarot really helped her with depression, and she said she thought it would be good for me. So I went down to my local metaphysical shop the next day and bought my first tarot deck for myself. That was it. I was sold. I couldn’t believe that every fuckin card I pulled resonated with my immediate situation. And a lot of people can’t read for themselves, but I could instantly. And I was almost immediately offering free readings on instagram back in 2015. I had no idea what I was doing,  but I know that I read for hundreds of people, and only 1 person ever told me I was “wrong” or it didn’t “resonate.” (Back then, when I didn’t understand the way this works, that was a big deal to me.) Now I know that that person who said I was “wrong” just wasn’t willing to take ownership or responsibility for their role in the part they played in what they were asking about. And that is truly how I read intuitively.  I let the cards explain a story and tell me the patterns, and cycles that people karmically hold in their energetic bodies. I don’t just read the cards, I read between the lines and try to identify root causes. 
In 2018, I took an advanced energy healing class and really opened myself up to receive messages, and I became a channeled healer. I get messages, either written, spoken, or via energy work, during healing sessions. I am able to show people who their guides are, tell them info on past lives, activate their DNA, give them cosmic downloads to expand their awareness and consciousness, insert sacred geometry into them; I channel angels, guides, spirit, source. I can see peoples “power” animals, auras, and detect cords (attachments, or people/situations holding on to them that no longer serve them). I work with the ascended masters and their cosmic rays of light, as well as their flames, which are essentially high vibrational “energy” that clears and releases people of burdens, addictions, sorrows, and those destructive patterns and cycles I talked about before. 
It’s a lot, but it has all opened and unlocked in the past 9 months. That creative “birthing” process has been very real to me.
I know it all sounds fucking crazy if you’re not used to this “realm.” But, 9 months ago, if you would have asked me if I could do any of this, or if I would WANT to do any of this, I would have said hell no. A lot can change when you’re open to receiving your gifts. And I think part of my story is showing that any “normal” person can do this work. I’m just a crazy chick who wears rainbows and glitter every day, loves Disneyland and having fun, and yet, here I am, standing in front of the world to present my gifts to HELP.”
4. What is the most common subject people contact you about and why?
“I think Energy Healings are what people pay for the most, but I think what they’re really after is someone to just listen to them. Someone to share their story with and know that the person is not judging them. And that is why I am shifting my practice soon from just tarot readings and energy healings to intuitive coaching sessions. I end up doing all those things any way in a session (if you order a tarot reading, I’m still going to read your energetic body; and vice versa). And I think what people really want is just some help in identifying root causes, taking accountability, and TANGIBLE NEXT STEPS, such as a PLAN of action they’re going to take in between sessions, and in that way they have some things to physically work on, instead of just receiving information and messages and walking away. 
I think I’m really great at holding space for people and letting them explore their traumas, their ascension, their awakening. I hold big space for that and I LOVE to help people who are just stepping out onto their path in the spiritual world.”
5. Is there any exciting event or things coming up that you would like to share?
“Oh my god, is there ever. Since stepping into my power recently, so many doors and opportunities have opened for me! 
My biggest thing is the opening of my physical business in downtown Santa Ana CA. Book a session with me and you can come in physically, or we can do distance work if you don’t live in the area! (That’s the great thing about energy work, you don’t need to be near me to have the benefits!) It’s fun when you visit locally though because I do sell crystals and other metaphysical goods (which you can also purchase from my website at hypepriestess.com) and you get to experience the powerful healing portal in the backroom which is all rainbows, protection, and fun. You still get the benefits from a distance session, but there’s nothing like being in the space, I swear. 
Next, I have just gotten approved and announced a monthly WITCH WALK in Santa Ana which is basically an art walk, but for witches, healers, and occultists. It’s the third Saturday of every month in Santa Ana on 2nd and Broadway from 5pm-10pm. The first one will be June 15th, 2019.
I also hold a community event twice monthly with my good friend Maria called SACRED SPACE. We host it in my space, and it is an entirely intuitively and channeled lead class. We currently have two set times a month, but we have to add more classes because they’re always sold out. “
Thank you so much for the interview!
If you would like more information on Hype Priestess her IG account is:
and her website is:

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