My summer reads!

I have been asked a lot lately what I am planning to read for the summer and of course being the avid reader I am happy to obliged the request! Here is some books and (links to buy) I am planning to read:

I am a huge fan of themes so these quick Fear Street Books by RL Stine are up my alley. As the founder of the Fear Street Book club and a RL Stine fan these books are a short treat for something light to read and scary.

Too many links for these books but I highly recommend checking Ebay!



Southern Lady Code: Short  funny essays by Helen Ellis the mixes southern hospitality with a twist.

Link to buy:

Southern Lady Code


Mr Know-It- All:  The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder by John Waters: I downloaded the audio version of this book because the author is the one who reads it. John Waters is so animated when he talks and he has such a unique spin on life. I am such a huge fan of his and anything he does.

Link to buy:



Supermarket by Bobby Hall aka Logic- I saw this book at Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago and was caught off guard by it’s simple yet vibrant cover and then I read the back of the book and it was interesting for me to purchase.



Lords of Chaos: The bloody rise of the Satanic Metal Underground by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderland. This book focuses on the beginning stages of the Norwegian black metal scene and the correlation of a bunch of church fires and deaths that happened in 1993.

Link to buy:

Lords of Chaos


Sissy: A coming of Gender Story by Jacob Tobia: I have been hearing such wonderful things about this memoir so this is an absolute must read!

Link to buy:

Sissy: A coming of age gender Story


Dapper Dan made in Harlem: A memoir. The man who brought high fashion to hip hop in his store from 1982-1992 and has recently partnered a line with Gucci is releasing a book this summer. I am excited to read about his life.

Link to buy:

Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem


Best.Movie. Year. Ever. by Brian Raftery- was 1999 the best movie year ever? Brian Raftery writes about the movie gems that came out that year such as: Election, The Blair Witch Project and the Sixth Sense and pleads his case as to why it was!

Link to buy:

Best.Movie. Year. Ever.



Life at the Dakota: New York’s Most Unusual Address by Stephan Birmingham: This building seems to have a very usual history and secrets.

Link to buy is below:

Life at the Dakota


The Life and Times of Ward Kimball:  Maverick of Disney Animation by Todd James Pierce. One of Walt Disney’s closest friends and animators and he worked on countless memorable Disney characters such as the Mad Hatter, Mickey mouse and Donald duck.



What books are you all planning to read over the summer?

I decided to do a book giveaway of one of my favorite books once my lady.cult IG hits 32K followers! So keep an eye out for that!

I just wanted to thank you guys all for following both my retro.cult IG and my lady.cult because I am accumulated a combined total of 77K followers. So I am super appreciated of you guys being so positive and grateful!!!



Until mid June!

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