9 thoughts on “A question:

  1. How about an article on your favorite board games or amusement park rides and attractions of bygone years? I remember the Spook a Rama and The Dragon’s Cave from the old Coney Island
    amusement park in Brooklyn, New York.

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  2. Forgive me if I’m getting this wrong but I recall *a long time back* you talked about either growing up, or visiting family in South America *Guatemala?* and watching American films on TV there… I don’t know what my question is, mostly because I’m worried my memory is wrong… but I am curious about the differences and/or similarities between the two cultures, what part of the American media is assimilated or more interestingly, morphed. If there are things you miss or have a nostalgia for that are specific to there. And if this is too personal no worries, I enjoy your explorations into whatever you’re interested in!

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